How does 3g gps tracking device go to gps markets?

150 Published by admin 4月 17,2019

3g gps tracking device For some industries, it will not be strange. For example, car loan companies, personnel management, pet management, cattle and sheep positioning and other industries need to use positioning to manage. In China, the 2G positioning module has already been used. It is enough, but as time progresses, the development of society, the mobile phone network has entered the 4G era, and in the near future, 5G will come soon.

In foreign markets, the base stations of 2G networks in many countries have been completely shut down, and the lowest is 3G networks. Although 3g gps tracking device networks are only an excessive era, they still occupy a certain position compared with 2G, so the current 3g gps tracking device is also From the 2G network module, slowly stretching to the 3G module, and for the current positioning manufacturers, the cost of the 3G module and the sales on the market have become a major challenge for the bosses.

Great-Will TR01 3g gps tracking device, this is a 2019 new 3G 3g gps tracking device, which is upgraded to 3G network positioning based on 2G car positioning TR07, the function is no different from the original 2g product, but the network It has risen by one grade. It is also a targeted selection for the network band. The frequency band can be selected according to the different countries. Some countries are 850/1900, and some countries have 900/2100, as long as one The frequency band is symmetrical with its country, and it can be used normally. It can also modulate the sensitivity of the antenna according to the frequency band. In this way, even if the 2G network in that country is closed, the 3g gps tracking device is the same in foreign markets. Can stand on the markets.

3g gps tracking device

The current TR01 3g 3g gps tracking device features:
GPS real-time tracking
Cut and Restore oil and electric
3 months historical backup tracking on the platform
ACC detection, engine on/off
5000pcs data memory when GPS/GSM signal lose
SOS security alarm
Voice monitoring
Eletronic Geo-fence
Over speed alarm, vibration alarm
Tracking via Internet, Apps & SMS

Perfect for 3g gps tracking device: Monitor fleet driving activity (location, direction, speed, traffic, and more) with a GPS tracker with 100% accuracy so you can always find your fleet drivers.
Real-time location tracking: Review driving routes with GPS tracking, know when the vehicle is in use with the our GPS vehicle tracking device.

3g gps tracking device

TR01 3g gps tracking device Support SMS and GPRS platform tracking ; Wide input voltage range: 9-36VDC.
TR01 3g gps tracking device Smart anti-theft ; Built-in overspeed alarm to remind speeding ; ACC ignition signal detection, vehicle status prompt.

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