Functions and features of 3G GPS vehicle tracker

128 Published by admin 5月 15,2019

3G GPS vehicle tracker which is stronger signal and waterproof makes the car more secure.


When the 2G GPS vehicle tracker became more and more extensive, the 3G GPS vehicle tracker was born.

The 3G GPS vehicle tracker is based on the 2G GPS vehicle tracker and strengthens the signal to make the positioning more accurate. Let me introduce a 3G GPS vehicle tracker to you.

3G GPS vehicle tracker

The size of 3G GPS  tracker is 81*42*13.5mm,and this tracker strengthens the signal, can track in real-time, locate precisely,cut and restore oil and electric, track 3 months historical backup on the platform.

3G GPS vehicle tracker

And the waterproof function is one of its highlights. If your car is convertible,, just in case of a sudden rainy day, and you forget to close the canopy. Don't be afraid that, because the 3G  tracker is waterproof; the child will drink water in the car and accidentally sprinkle the water on the 3G GPS vehicle tracker, but you don't worry at all.

Besides,3G GPS  tracker has 5000pcs data memory, when GPS/GSM signal lose, you don't worry about losing data.

3G GPS vehicle tracker

The other functions of 3G GPS  tracker is SOS security alarm, voice monitoring, electronic Geo-fence, over speed alarm, vibration alarm, historical backup tracking on the platform within 3 months, tracking via Interne t, Apps & SMS.


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