GPS device


How does  GPS device work?

GPS device is connected to a satellite system to determine the geographic location of the device. The essential principle is that the GPS device uses a process called trilateration to determine its physical location based on the distance from three GPS satellites. This is exactly the same technology used in portable or car navigation systems.

The GPS device is also very different from the navigation system. The tracker can not only provide you with location and driving directions, but also record your driving habits and driving status, and can also transmit its location anytime, anywhere.

When a car's GPS device is able to transmit its location, this means the exact same technology as a mobile phone making a call or connecting to the Internet. That's why some GPS trackers are charged monthly.

GPS device

What are the main uses of automotive GPS devices?


Car GPS  tracking equipment mainly lets you know the real-time positioning of your vehicle, and can help you in some unexpected situations. For example, if you install a tracker to prevent car theft, you can quickly recover the car by simply providing the police with his real-time location.

If you have a newbie in your family who just got a driver ’s license, and you are not assured that your family is driving safely on the road, you can install  GPS devices on the car to track their geographic location in real time, or check where they have been even See if they are driving safely, because the GPS device has over speed alarms and irregular driving records.

For some large car rental companies or fleets, the GPS devices is also an indispensable device. Some companies use the device to locate their vehicles at all times to better coordinate daily operations, while others are used to count the mileage of cars for accounting or reimbursement.

If you want to know the detailed internal data or driving records of your vehicle, then you need to choose a good locator.

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