New arrival long standby Asset gps tracker AT-X series

151 Published by admin 5月 03,2019

 AT-X series is a rechargeable long standby Asset gps tracker with exquisite appearance and small size. It can be installed on any moving target objects without any external wires. It has built-in super Li-battery which supports working continuously for 50 hours after charging fully and 800 hours in the power saving state for the stand-by. long standby Asset gps tracker AT-X series supports GPS, AGPS and LBS location.

 Asset gps tracker

long standby Asset gps tracker AT-X series Feature

1.2.1 Rechargeable ultra-long standby positioning monitoring terminal

1.2.2 long standby Asset gps tracker Built-in large-capacity industrial-grade rechargeable polymer lithium battery with capacity and voltage respectively for 1200mAH,3600mah,7800mah 3.6V

1.2.3 Long working hours and standby time, which can work for 50 hours under normal working condition and keep standby for about 800 hours/300days/700days under the power saving state

1.2.4 Defined normal working state: regardless of the GPS signal, GSM module and positioning module are all working normally without sleeping and uploads one position information every 15S

1.2.5 Defined power saving state: GSM sleeps and wakes up periodically (default interval is 10 minutes) to upload a message; the positioning module is completely disabled and imprecise positioning; under this state, the device can be awakened at any time by phone, SMS and GPRS.

1.2.6 long standby Asset gps tracker Equipped with high sensitivity and low power consumption three-axis G-sensor acceleration sensor to monitor the working environment of the equipment in real time, restrain static drift, and automatically switch the working mode of the equipment.

1.2.7 long standby Asset gps tracker AT-X series Supports the most common micro-USB interface charging in the market at present, compatible with most mobile phone chargers with charging specification of DC5V and 1A.

 Asset gps tracker

long standby Asset gps tracker AT-X series with Portable installation without any process with Magnet                                       

Real time positioning track your vehicle anywhere                                                  

Applicable to any kind of cars,no cars limit option                                                   

Asset gps tracker Long standby with big battery,Repeatable Charging                                               

Data memory when GPS/GSM signal lose                                                 

Movement sensation alarm,over speed alarm,vibration alarm                                              

Asset gps tracker Built-in MIC, Listen to live sounds remotely                                                       

Three working modes option(Long working model,GSM always open model,Timer Mode)  

Asset gps tracker Tracking via Internet,Apps&SMS

  Asset gps tracker                                            

The above is our latest long standby Asset gps tracker AT-X series in 2019. The price of the Mini series is 18-23USD. If you need, please contact our online customer service, or send an email to our professional sales manager: joe@

We will be online 24 hours a day and will be available to you. Thank you for your subscription and support.                               

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