Why is the auto gps tracker renewal fees every year?

311 Published by admin 2月 26,2019

When we purchased the auto gps tracker, the service staff told us that we had to pay for
the GPS system platform each year, including our separate auto gps tracker domain name and the design cost of the interface. So why do you need to renew each year? The following
Great-Will gps tracker expert will explain you.

First, the cost of the Auto gps tracker includes the following:

1, GPS hardware terminal equipment costs

There are many kinds of Auto gps tracker terminals, which are divided into wired devices
and wireless devices. Common positioning, with video monitoring and monitoring with
monitoring. Different positioning terminals support different functions, suitable for
different industry customers, and suitable for personal vehicle anti-theft, unit vehicles.
Management, group customer vehicle monitoring.

From the above point of view, the price of GPS hardware terminals ranges from tens to
hundreds or even thousands.

auto gps tracker

2, IoT card or flow card traffic costs

Because the auto gps tracker terminal device needs to send the relevant data back to the
background and save it during the work, then the customer can view the location and
trajectory of the vehicle through the client (mobile phone and computer), which is like us.
After you go to Mobile Unicom Telecom to purchase a mobile phone card, you must pay the fee to use the same reason. This fee is different according to the different price of the
function. Specifically, you should consult the relevant GPS platform provider.

3, Auto gps tracker platform usage fee, and the cost of Auto gps tracker mobile APP and
computer client

The Auto gps tracker terminal device and platform are connected through the IoT card data
to form an effective positioning system. The Auto gps tracker platform needs technical and
customer service personnel to maintain it. The ordinary Auto gps tracker customer usually
has no or very low cost. Enterprises, institutions or group customers need to build their
own platforms, then the cost is relatively high.

auto gps tracker

Second, how to pay the fee

1, personal and ordinary positioning, the first purchase has already included the equipment
and the first year of the IoT card and platform service fee, and only need to renew the
annual fee (Auto gps tracker card fee + Auto gps tracker platform service fee)

2, enterprises or groups of customers, than the average customer to have an Auto gps
tracker platform to build the cost (one-time), will also need to renew each year (phone
card fee + Auto gps tracker platform service fee)

Third, a lot of people will ask, generally notify the renewal card fee did not say the
platform service fee, in fact, the Auto gps tracker renewal fee does include these two
pieces, a very common example, The supplier promises lifetime free use when buying, or the renewal fee is very low in the following year, the result is simply unable to find the Auto gps tracker platform vendor, Auto gps tracker equipment can not be renewed and maintained, Causes the customer to suffer the loss.


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