Automotive locator installed has become an industry trend

28 Published by admin 9月 21,2019

In the actual process of fleet management of enterprises and institutions, Automotive locator has shown great practical value and has become an indispensable fleet management tool for enterprises and institutions. The Automotive locator effectively improves management efficiency and can monitor more vehicles at the same time.

Real-time monitoring: 24-hour satellite GPS positioning tracking.

High reliability: industrial grade design, high strength, stable and durable, not easy to damage.

Convenient maintenance: remotely restart the device, restore factory settings, and make diagnosis and maintenance simple and convenient


Compact size: Convenient for concealed installation, built-in powerful antenna for improved signal stability and accurate positioning

Automotive locator

The latest GPS positioning technology, which is 3 times smaller than the old-fashioned machine, has higher concealment and prevents it from being dismantled by criminals.

Easy to operate: no need to install software, browser to check the car online, you can also use the mobile phone to check the car, more convenient, anytime, anywhere.

Safety management: overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, SOS help alarm, report query.

Full record: Driving data playback and recording within 3 months.

Dispatching command: According to the driving situation of the vehicle, the dispatching vehicle has the task to deploy the nearest vehicle, and solve the problem that the vehicle dispatch has no reasonable basis.


Area alarm: The vehicle will immediately alarm if it exceeds the specified area.

Automotive locator

Line inspection: Through the track playback, the mileage driving track can be checked to facilitate the toll and gas station bill check.


The GPS vehicle monitoring system is safe and reliable. Depending on the module and hierarchy, passwords with different privileges are provided to provide different levels of contact for different system operators in system functions and information to prevent misuse by non-employees.


1, Automotive locator device equipment should be resistant to high and low temperatures, dust and shockproof measures.


2, the installation of the Automotive locator device should be concealed and camouflaged to prevent the destruction of intelligent criminals.


3, Automotive locator device has an IC card, can also add key transmission: between the Automotive locator device and the monitoring center through the data pass, channel coding and majority discrimination to ensure the correct and reliable information transmission and action execution. GPS main: GPS positioning, GPS vehicle monitoring system, GPS fuel consumption monitoring, vehicle GPS positioning, vehicle monitoring, employee positioning, fuel consumption sensor, vehicle GPS positioning system, vehicle GPS, vehicle positioning, GPS monitoring, GPS monitoring system, oil quantity monitoring

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