What are the benefits of GPS locators

91 Published by admin 3月 05,2020

  • Initiative to reduce emissions and fuel consumptionGPS lacator

Prior to fleet monitoring, fleet managers did not know what happened when the employees and vehicles of the organization left business days. There is no way to know to whom the work should be sent or if it is in progress.

Park managers can now evaluate which cars are being sent to the site for repairs. Sending your next car saves time, saves money (uses less fuel), and reduces emissions.

GPS technology can also control the speed of a vehicle. Acceleration is one of the fastest ways to spend cash. Speeds above 90 km / h can save fuel up to 2% per mile and hour. Using GPS as a tracking solution can slow down the driver.

  • Cut side line

Some fleet managers have observed that employees are using the company's vehicles for secondary operations. The fleet solution states that the vehicle has been used for several hours and detects directions.Reduces vehicle wear by eliminating auxiliary work. It can also help protect your brand. You do not want to involve your organization in fraudulent work.

  • Track all assets

Vehicle tracking solutions work on all mobile assets, not just vehicles. You can control devices such as trailers and generators for extra protection.You can also place a fence at work to identify properties entering and leaving your room.

  • GPS can prove that you have worked

Customers may wonder how much time employees spend on websites. You can even claim that they are not there.This technique solves the problem and looks at what happened. This indicates that there is a problem employee. However, in most cases, you will get information that will help you stand out.Your employees are responsible for you. The organization is responsible for the customer. This is an important factor for improving customer service.GPS locator

  • Life chase

We have already mentioned that the GPS has crossed the point on the map. GPS-based fleet tracking solutions can now warn when a driver is not wearing a seatbelt. This is unsafe driving, such as b. Emergency stop, sharp turn, sudden spurt. Controlling driver behavior can promote the best driving habits in your fleet.

In some cases, you can create custom solutions using GPS technology to solve your own problems. Oklahoma utilities have used GPS Insight with an "emergency button" that employees can use to seek help in emergencies. A few months after presenting the utility, a line worker helped ignite the truck while repairing the power line in the truck's bucket. This facility saved his life.

The food transport company worked with us after a series of rollover accidents in which at least one person died. The company found a "correction curve" on the highway, making traffic difficult. The GPS Insight produces an alarm in the cockpit that alerts the driver to move near the calibration curve. Since then, the company has not had any accidents related to the calibration curve.。

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