The Benefits Of OBD Wireless GPS Tracker

216 Published by admin 12月 21,2018

wireless gps tracker

The Benefits Of OBD Wireless GPS Tracker

About the benefits of the wireless gps tracker,mainly from the main features of the and the design of wireless gps tracker the two aspects of the shape of the tracker.

The Main Features:

* Thewireless gps tracker Plug and play, easy to hide
*Location:GPS +LBS +AGPS vehicle Location
*Low GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
*Support location services platform access,query location more convenient
*Support power off alarm
*Low Support Vibration alarm
*Low Support Geo - fence

wireless gps tracker

The Appearance Of The Machine:
Compared with the wireless gps tracker with relays, OBD has no wires which is very convenient and easy to install, and the model is relatively small. As long as the device is installed into the socket of the car, the data and real-time tracking and positioning can be seen by sending instructions on the app, platform or SMS, and the space is not hindered when installed on the car.

So when you are still in trouble to choose what kind of gps tracker, you can choose wireless gps tracker, safe and convenient installation.Ten+ years'experience in motorcycle gps tracker for cars no monthly fee,You are very welcome to contact us.If you want to know About us, you can click About us to learn About the strength of the company

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