Best 8 functions of car gps tracker

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The characteristics of car gps tracker: global security mini car GPS tracker, which is only a match box vehicle GPS trackers volume size, line in the scrap free, simply connect the car battery positive and negative two lines, can be positioned and real time tracking of vehicles retain three months vehicle route, can print Chinese address forms, time location of vehicle automatic and real-time location tracking car registration rules, no professional technicians to install, simple operation. If the target vehicle being stolen, robbed and so on in case of emergency, use a cell phone or computer, query the location of the vehicle, and real-time vehicle location tracking moving route, let you easily find the car, successfully catch criminals.

The function of car gps tracker:

Car gps tracker SMS positioning:

Directly by phone or PHS send text messages "G code to the device number, device will automatically determine whether the user is authorized and automatically current location information and state, with text message reply to mobile phone users.

Car gps tracker Real time positioning:

The device can report the current position information according to the user preset time..

Car gps tracker Over speed warning: when the speed exceeds the preset speed, the alarm sounds will be issued.

Car gps tracker Network query:
By access to the system, the current status of the vehicle can be tracked and the trajectory playback of the time interval is set up..

Car gps tracker Power monitoring: in the main power supply, backup battery power supply, as the main power supply when the short break, will SMS alert users, and automatically enable backup power.

Car gps tracker One key alarm: in the case of emergency alarm button for 3 seconds, the device will automatically send text messages to the authorized number of SMS and call, get help.

Car gps tracker Remote monitoring:

The authorized number is ready to dial the number of the equipment for the sound real-time monitoring of the vehicle around.

Car gps tracker Remote fortification: remote security and relief through a password level of a million groups.

Car gps tracker long-range control:

Through the mobile phone short message to the equipment to send out the vehicle to break the oil circuit / circuit command can control the vehicle circuit and circuit to achieve the purpose of the lock car.

Car GPS Tracker is to help us immediately locate our car, you can also SMS notification outage oil

Best 8 functions of car gps tracker

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