Five points to buy a car camera gps tracker

192 Published by admin 3月 01,2019

We can judge from the outer casing, lens, lens angle and imaging effect, chip, waterproof performance, the following Great-will gps tracker introduce to you.

One: Shell: Determine whether the car camera is dedicated to the car, whether it is universal. There are more than 300 models of car camera products, which are dedicated to the car and general purpose. The car-specific camera for the car is often designed according to the model itself, and it fits perfectly with the body, making it non-porous and non-destructive.

Second: Lens: In the car rear view camera industry, there are generally plastic lenses and glass lenses, and plastic lenses and glass lenses have significant differences, plastic lenses are cheap, but the imaging effect is significantly inferior to glass. The raw material of the plastic lens is derived from plastic or resin, and the glass lens is derived from glass.

Third: lens angle and imaging effect: The imaging angle of the camera determines the size of the visible imaging area. The camera angle is too small for many areas after the car can not be photographed, resulting in visual blind spots. Generally, the wide-angle lens has a distortion distortion phenomenon when the image is restored, and the visual effect is greatly discounted. Now many brand manufacturers have launched wide-angle lenses with image distortion correction. Therefore, in the purchase of the lens, in addition to the choice of glass lens, but also to consider the angle of the lens and the actual imaging effect.

The fourth: chip: the market's photosensitive chips are divided into: CCD (charge coupled) and CMOS (metal oxide), CCD sensor production technology started earlier, the technology is relatively mature, using PN combined with silicon dioxide isolation layer to isolate noise, imaging Quality has certain advantages over CMOS sensors. Due to the high integration of the CMOS sensor, the distance between the photoelectric sensor element and the circuit is very close, and the optical, electrical and magnetic interference between each other is serious, and the noise has a great influence on the image quality. Both CCD and CMOS sensors are different in both "internal structure" and "external structure".

The fifth: waterproof performance: due to the special nature of the working environment of the car camera, it is exposed all the year round, and the overall waterproof performance of the camera is very high. Industrial parameter markings are generally indicated by "IPXX", where "I" means dustproof and "P" means waterproof. The first "X" indicates the waterproof rating and the second "X" indicates the dust rating. The camera products that reach IP67 or above can basically meet the needs of the working environment. Of course, the higher the waterproof level, the more reliable.

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