Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of car GPS locator

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There are three types of car GPS locator: OBD interface, wiring type, and strong magnetic free installation type. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of car GPS locator.


First, OBD interface car GPS locator:


The biggest feature of the OBD interface car GPS locator is the easy installation and plugging directly into the OBD interface. It also has the extra function of reading some basic parameters of the car, such as fuel consumption and mileage. However, its safety factor is low. It can be easily removed without any technology. It is not suitable for mortgage rental vehicles and is suitable for private car management.


If you want to buy an OBD interface car GPS locator, you have to confirm if it is supported on your car.

car GPS locator

Second, the wiring type car GPS locator:


As the name suggests, this type of equipment uses a power cord to connect to the car battery. It does not carry a large-capacity battery. Once it is removed or the battery is powered off, it will lose its ability to locate in a short period of time (0.5-1.5 hours). Despite this, traditional wired car GPS locator can record vehicle travel information, historical travel trajectories, real-time alarm status, parking information, etc. as much as possible, which is very important to customers. After connecting the ACC line, it is very convenient to manage the fleet.


The wiring type car GPS locator also has its drawbacks. Compared with the OBD interface type car car GPS locator, its installation complexity has improved several levels. After all, there are only a handful of people familiar with car wiring, and it is necessary to install a broken line. Generally, a skilled installer needs to be close to 20 minutes.

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Third, portable car locator


The most obvious thing about this type of positioner is that it is simple and portable. It carries a large-capacity battery and can be placed anywhere on the car. Don't worry about the installation problem. There are also portable car locators on the market that can support three years of long standby. Generally used in conjunction with wiring type car locators, commonly used in car loan, leasing industry.


The disadvantage is that you need to check the battery regularly for power, and when the device is turned on for real-time positioning, the power consumption is faster.

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