How to classify and distinguish Car GPS locators

170 Published by admin 3月 04,2019

First, by function of Car GPS locators

1. Basic Car GPS locators: only basic positioning and track playback functions.

2. Enhanced Car GPS locators: In addition to the conventional functions of GPS positioning, the function has added many expandable functions, such as electronic fence, overspeed alarm, demolition alarm, mileage statistics, temperature sensing, load status detection, remote power cutoff, remote Picture and video capture, etc.

Car GPS locators

Wireless non-rechargeable Car GPS locators

Wireless Car GPS locators 2. According to the execution standard.

1. National standard GPS positioning: The implementation of [JT/T794-2011] standard, so the standard is formulated by the Ministry of Communications, also known as the Ministry of GPS positioning, and now the docking of the national freight public platform and the provincial platform equipment are in accordance with this standard.

2. Non-standard Car GPS locators: There is no unified standard. Each enterprise has its own policies and sets standards by itself, and it is not open to each other. This is why GPS positioning products cannot be loaded on the same platform.

Wireless rechargeable Car GPS locators

Third, according to the Car GPS locators wiring method

1. Wiring type GPS positioning: that is, it is necessary to connect the car circuit, and it is necessary to take power in the car and use the electric power of the car battery. The advantage is that the vehicle can be monitored in real time, once and for all. Car staging Car GPS locators, car credit GPS locators, car rental GPS locators, unit vehicle management dispatching GPS locators, etc. are commonly used in this type.

2, wireless charging type GPS positioning: suitable for short-term tracking of target vehicles or cargo management, and tracking targets are often replaced, flexible, no wiring, but need to be charged from time to time.

3, wireless non-rechargeable GPS positioning: suitable for time fuzzy tracking target vehicles, no need to charge, strong magnetic tampering, one or several data per day, long use period. Staging car GPS locators, loan car GPS locators, rental car GPS locators, mortgage car GPS locators, etc. are usually this equipment, and it is not easy to be dismantled.

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