What is difference auto gps tracker and car GPS navigation?

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The auto gps tracker buyer the introduction of these two products, and they felt that the content introductions were similar. They all used GPS to locate and navigate. What is the difference between the auto gps tracker and car GPS navigation?

1, a brief description

The auto gps tracker is installed on the car. The GPS information received by the auto gps tracker is transmitted to the vehicle monitoring platform via a network (usually a SIM card), and then you or your family and friends can remotely view the location of the vehicle. Status information. Simply put, it is used to position the vehicle so that you can find the car wherever it is at any time.

auto gps tracker Car GPS navigation is when you have a destination, but don't know how to get there. At this time, you can use the GPS navigation device. After setting the destination on the navigation device, it will give several routes, which of them. It is easy to see which lines are unimpeded and which are congested.

auto gps tracker auto gps tracker

2, auto gps tracker the same point

Both the auto gps tracker and the car GPS navigation need to receive satellite signals, so there are satellite receiving modules;

3, the difference between auto gps tracker and car GPS navigation

The core functions of the auto gps tracker

a, auto gps tracker real-time positioning function: According to the set time interval, let the satellite positioning system vehicle terminal report the location and other information, so that the manager can check the position of the vehicle.

b, auto gps tracker track playback: save the data, location and other information of the vehicle for a period of time on the data center server, can query and play back, for the manager to query the driving condition of the vehicle.

c. auto gps tracker Data statistics: Statistics on the mileage and working hours of the vehicle are convenient for the manager to view, and the enterprises and institutions can reimburse the oil fee according to the mileage statistics.

d. auto gps tracker Electronic fence: The dispatch monitoring center sets some areas. When the vehicle enters or leaves the area, it reports the position information and alarms, which is convenient for the manager to manage the vehicle's driving area.

f, remote power off and power off: When necessary (such as stolen), the vehicle monitoring and dispatching platform can be used to send a fuel cut and power off command to the vehicle, so that the vehicle can not be activated, and is used to guarantee the company to monitor the installment vehicle.

Car GPS navigation core function

a, map query: You can search for the destination location you want to go to on the operation terminal. You can record the location of the places you often go, and keep them, and you can share them with others. Obscured information about your attachments or nearby locations such as gas stations, hotels, cash machines, etc.

b, route planning: GPS navigation system will automatically plan a line according to the starting point and destination you set. Planning the route can set whether or not to go through certain ways. Planning the route can set whether to avoid high-speed, traffic congestion and other functions.

c, automatic navigation: voice navigation - use voice to provide drivers with road directions, navigation system status and other driving information in advance, just like a guide who knows how to drive to the destination. One of the most important features in navigation, so you don't have to watch the operator terminal, you can safely reach your destination with voice prompts.

d, re-planning the line: When you are not on the planned route, or when you are on the wrong intersection, the GPS navigation system will re-plan a new route to your destination based on your current location.

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