How do you see if you are being cheated by car GPS positioning?

129 Published by admin 6月 21,2019

It’s shameful to defraud, although we can’t solve it from the roots of people, and the forecast is hard to prevent. However, there have been similarities in the behavior of car fraudulent loans. Here are some clues from the perspective of car GPS positioning.


First, the car stops at an abnormal position


From the GPS monitoring platform, if the vehicle frequently stays in areas such as automobile 4S shop, used car market, auto repair shop, etc., according to the experience, this car is likely to have some little tricks.


Because the vehicle with the car GPS positioning can monitor the location of the vehicle in real time, the fraudster needs to remove the car GPS positioning of the vehicle, and the fraudster often takes the vehicle twice, so before the fraudulent behavior occurs, the loan vehicle It may appear more frequently in auto repair shops, auto 4S shops and other areas.


Second, the GPS device signal status is abnormal


The GPS device is divided into a wired device and a wireless device: the wired device directly connects to the vehicle power source, and can perform real-time positioning and monitoring on the vehicle, and the installation position is relatively fixed;


The wireless device relies on the built-in battery, and the location information is the information uploaded by the previous positioning time. The car GPS positioning frequency can be adjusted every day, and the installation location is flexible. Usually, before the fraudulent behavior occurs, the criminals will remove the GPS wired positioning equipment installed on the vehicle and evade the positioning and monitoring. However, the wireless car GPS positioning device equipment of the vehicle can often escape from the installation location. .


Therefore, when you find that the wired device that is normally positioned is suddenly offline, and the wireless car GPS positioning device is normally positioned, you need to pay attention to the vehicle.

car GPS positioning

Third, the car's driving track


Observing the vehicle's driving trajectory is also one of the important ways to identify fraudulent behavior.


The trajectory of the vehicle can reflect the driving habits of the vehicle. If there is a big difference between the trajectory of the vehicle at a certain time and the usual time, and even if the trajectory abnormality is incompletely displayed (the GPS signal shielding device is installed, the signal reception is abnormal), The intention of the vehicle is no longer obvious.


Fourth, the area fence alarm


This item is an active precaution. By setting a certain driving area on the GPS vehicle platform, when the loan vehicle drives out of the area, the platform alarm will be triggered and the alarm information will be notified to the monitoring office for the first time. As one of the important risk control measures, the parking area fence alarm is an important basis for car loan companies to conduct risk assessment.




In order to avoid the risk of loans, the car loan personnel in addition to the car mortgage management before the loan to investigate the situation of the vehicle mortgage, try to avoid the used car, the guarantee car, the company car, the vehicle without the annual inspection, use the monitoring platform and hardware equipment to real-time the vehicle supervision is also very important. The resulting GPS risk control measures will also help car loan companies improve the risk control system and reduce the credit rate.

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