How To Analyze Car GPS tracker device Offline?

182 Published by admin 7月 11,2018

We often encounter the Car GPS tracker device can not be positioned, has been offline, but do not know what caused? Now let our company's technicians find out and answer the questions offline.

1, Car GPS tracker device within the state of the card arrears.

Solution: Contact network operator to pay and then restart!

2, Car GPS tracker device no electricity.

Solution: Car GPS tracker device off or off when the power off, the first step with the phone dial the device SIM card number, if you can not get through and send text messages to the device number did not reply, that is, the device is powered off or Power supply line current voltage instability caused.

3, Car GPS tracker device communication module (GSM module) problem.

Solution: Contact the manufacturer to replace the GSM module!

4, in signal blind area, such as vehicles in the underground parking lot, the tunnel signal weak area

Solution: This situation is a more common situation, the platform can not receive the Car GPS tracker device information, it is recommended to leave the signal area.

5, the Car GPS tracker antenna is broken.

Solution: can only be replaced!

6, SIM card contact is not good;

Solution: Reinstall the SIM card

7, Car GPS tracker device module to reduce the sensitivity, can not locate.

GPS receiver sensitivity is mainly determined by two aspects: First, the front end of the receiver signal path gain and noise performance, and second, part of the baseband algorithm performance. The receiver front-end determines the signal-to-noise ratio at which the received signal reaches the baseband section, while the baseband algorithm determines the minimum signal-to-noise ratio that can be tolerated by the demodulation, capture, and tracking processes.

Solution: Choose high sensitivity manufacturers

8, Car GPS tracker device installed in the vicinity of metal objects, the device can not receive GPS signals sent by the satellite.

9, the device is in the off state (not switched on or dead)

Solution: Let the equipment is turned on; landing monitoring platform (mobile APP, computer platform) to see how much power to determine whether there is electricity;

10, the server did not receive the reported data

Solution: The device may be a Car GPS tracker device out of the question, it may be a server out of the question. Can contact customer service in time, the equipment does not report data or appear offline situation clearly stated, to facilitate a better solution to the problem.

The above is the reason why our Car GPS tracker device is often offline, so you can avoid problems and solve problems immediately after you get offline.

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