Is the car GPS tracker susceptible to an explosion?

109 Published by admin 3月 08,2019

The weather is hot in summer, and temperatures in many areas will exceed 35 ° C, even exceeding the high temperature of 40 ° C. As the temperature rises, there are reports of individual vehicles that have caused a puncture accident due to excessive temperature due to long-term driving. Great-will car GPS tracker reminds the majority of riders: the summer weather is hot, the road surface temperature is too high, and the heat dissipation performance of the tire is easily affected under high temperature conditions. After long driving combination, we should stop the vehicle in the shade to cool naturally. When checking the tires or glass of the vehicle, avoid sudden cooling.

Seeing the above case, there may be some car owners who hold similar doubts. The tires running at high temperatures will cause a puncture. What about car GPS tracker?

In fact, there is no direct connection between the two, and the riders can rest assured! There are many reasons for the explosion of the tire. It is not only related to temperature, but also related to vehicle speed, tire pressure and load capacity. The car GPS tracker, its working environment is only affected by temperature and temperature.

car GPS tracker

The car GPS tracker is an electronic product. The operating temperature of the Great-will car GPS tracker is between -40 °C and +70 °C. Generally, the temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, which only affects the normal operation of the GPS positioning device, and does not cause the device to explode. As long as the equipment does not seep in water, it does not affect its normal work.

So, will the car GPS tracker is not explode? That is not the case. The direct cause of the explosion of the car GPS tracker is generally not the high temperature, but the installation error. Due to the lack of knowledge of automotive circuits, individual users choose to install car GPS tracker by themselves. The connection line is wrong, resulting in abnormal voltage, and there is no habit of detecting equipment during normal car maintenance. The battery usage time is too long and deformed, and it takes a long time before the accident. The high temperature exposure will cause an explosion.

In view of the above accidents caused by the wrong installation, it can be avoided. Therefore, when installing car GPS tracker, it is best to find professional installers to operate; to prevent unburned.

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