How does the car gps tracker prevent the car from being stolen?

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Car gps tracker monitoring system works

The system consists of three parts: vehicle positioning terminal equipment, transmission network and central management system.

The vehicle positioning terminal equipment includes terminal host, camera, alarm button, fuel consumption detector and other supporting peripherals. The main purpose is to collect data such as video, picture and GPS information; the transmission network includes two parts: a wireless mobile communication transmission link and a fixed-line private transmission link. After receiving the data information from the front-end vehicle, the communication base station sends the data through the gateway. The network dedicated line is used by the monitoring center; the central management system is the core of the system and is the place for daily monitoring, vehicle dispatching and emergency command. The central management system realizes the control of the vehicle front-end system through the wireless network, and realizes functions such as video and audio monitoring, GPS positioning, vehicle line management, vehicle scheduling, voice intercom, and alarm processing.

The GPS receiver installed on the vehicle calculates the current position of the vehicle based on the received satellite information, and the communication controller extracts the required position, speed and time information from the signal output by the GPS receiver, and forms data according to the information such as the vehicle identity. The package is then sent to the monitoring center via the mobile operator's GPRS network. The server of the monitoring center receives the data sent by the in-vehicle device, and extracts the positioning information therefrom, and displays it on the electronic map of the monitoring center according to the vehicle number and the group number of each vehicle. At the same time, the system administrator of the control center can query the running status of each vehicle and dispatch the vehicle according to the traffic flow.

The GPS vehicle management system adopts a multi-level architecture, and the scale can be large or small. From the group to the family and individuals, different types of real-time tracking management can be carried out for different whole. The equipment is simple, the cost is moderate, and the use is convenient.

How is the car gps tracker positioned to the vehicle?

GPS anti-theft system, the GPS positioning device is installed on the vehicle to receive the signal transmitted by the satellite, and the calculation is based on receiving more than 3 satellite signals (at least 3 satellites), and then combined with the GIS electronic map, the system can determine the specific location of the vehicle. The equipment terminal calculates the location of the vehicle through satellite.

car gps tracker application in other aspects

car gps tracker can be used for anti-theft in cars. Motorcycles, battery cars, bicycles, etc., which are easily stolen, can also be installed. It is more secure after use! In addition, the GPS positioning module is not only for theft prevention and trajectory recording, but also helps you find a positioning car when you forget to park your car.

In recent years, the market demand for automotive products has gradually increased. Major manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the market development of the automotive industry. A functional Gps tracker can not only give us a sense of security, but also protect vehicles from being stolen. Good management of vehicles plays a big role in relieving traffic pressure. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and install a car gps tracker for your car.

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