Car GPS tracking device installation method

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First, the installation route
1. If you understand the electricity, you can install it yourself. In fact, as long as you find the positive and negative poles of the car power supply, the negative pole is very easy to find. The place where the body is grounded is the negative pole. The positive pole is found in the fuse box. Look for the car key switch or directly connect it. On the battery;
2, it is best to connect to the power, is not affected by the car key switch, the power cord directly from the car battery;
3, pay attention to the front of the Car GPS tracking device To the above, the side of the above should not be close to the metal object to block the internal GPS antenna, it also receives satellite signals 20,000 kilometers away;
4, can also ask the relevant technical staff to install, the charges depends on the local specific situation!

Second, the installation location of Car GPS tracking device
1. The roof light above the front windshield;
2. Concealed inside the decorative panel below the front windshield;
3. Concealed areas around the front dashboard;
4. In the door partition;
5. Under the decorative panel below the rear windshield;
6. Inside the front bumper, pay attention to waterproof;
7. Under the wiper board, pay attention to waterproof.
Note: If the windshield is pasted with a metal insulation layer or a heating layer, the GPS receiving signal will be reduced, causing the Car GPS tracking device to malfunction. At this point, pay attention to replace the equipment installation location.

Third, the installation notes of Car GPS tracking device
1. In order to avoid thief damage, Car GPS tracking device equipment selection should be as concealed as possible;
2. Avoid being placed with the emission source, such as wireless parking sensors, anti-theft devices, and other in-vehicle communication equipment;
3. It can be fixed with a cable tie or with a strong sponge double-sided adhesive.
4. The Car GPS tracking device has a GSM antenna and a GPS antenna. It should be installed face up (toward the sky).

Car GPS tracking device installation method

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