Does the GPS car location tracker still work when it’s cut?

191 Published by admin 3月 21,2019

The first thing to distinguish is whether the car location tracker wire refers to the tracker antenna or to the locator's wire.
In general, there is acar location tracker with an external antenna, and the internal antenna will be implanted in the device. However, it cannot be excluded that some locators only have an external antenna. Therefore, once the purchased device has only one antenna, and the antenna is cut off and removed, the car location tracker will not receive the signal and can not locate the location tracker


The antenna of car location tracker is mainly used for receiving signals, including external antenna and internal antenna. Generally, the antenna seen by the user is external antenna, and the built-in antenna is embedded in the locator. Unless the device is disassembled, the built-in antenna of the car location tracker cannot be seen.

If the user is talking about a GPS car location tracker wire, that's another story. The wire of the wired GPS positioner is mainly used to connect the working power of the automobile to achieve the effect of 24-hour operation of the equipment.

Of course, in case someone tries to cut the wires of a wired car location tracker, most wired devices have a spare battery built in. Once someone cuts the wires of the car location tracker the device's built-in battery will also continue to power the device, and the device will still be able to maintain the positioning function for 1-2 hours. Owners can track the location of their vehicles and recover lost property in two hours.

So if the antenna of the car location tracker is cut off, the signal will not be received. If the wires are cut, the owner can track the car location tracker of the device and retrieve the car within 1-2 hours.

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