2,500 cheap mini GPS trackers TR05 fast delivery

395 Published by admin 7月 27,2018

Indian customers place an order for 1 week, we immediately produce TR05 cheap mini gps tracker, fast delivery to the address of the customer's designated freight forwarding. And the cargo tracking and contact has been maintained, so that the 2,500 mini GPS trackers can reach the customer smoothly.

Why did the customer give us 2,500 cheap mini GPS trackers TR05 at one time, and did not buy samples and tests of our cheap mini GPS trackers before. Because customers trust us, He see that we are so professional to do vehicle gps tracker, visit our office and observe our vehicle gps tracker products.

TR05 is our company's first lowest-priced, smallest-sized vehiclecheap mini GPS trackers this year. On a stable basis, we created a cheap mini GPS trackers to capture the market share of the GPS tracker.

What are the features of the TR05 cheap mini GPS trackers?
Real-time GPS&BDS positioning
Anti-theft Cut-off Engine
ACC/Ignition Detection
Super Mini Easy Hidden
Multiple Security Alarm&Reports
(External Power Disconnect Low Power Alarm, Geo-fence Alarm, Over Speed ​​Alarm)
Remotely App/Web Locating&Tracking
9-90V Wide Application
BDS&GPS&GSM positioning
Ultra-wide working voltage
Ultra-low power consumption
Dimension: 64.5 (L) × 23 (W) × 12.5 (H) mm
Weight: 20g

The following is a picture of our shipment of GPS trackers, Customers ordered 2,500 GPS power lines and 2,500 cheap mini GPS trackers TR05. The delivery date is very fast, it will be sent out in a week.Thanks again to the trust and support of our customers, we will continue to provide quality and stable vehicle gps tracker.

cheap mini GPS trackers TR05

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