Great-will china gps tracker Hongkong Electronics Fair successfully

125 Published by admin 4月 24,2019

From April 13th to 16th this year, our company's business personnel participated in the 2019 Hong Kong Trade Development Council Spring Electronics Fair. This exhibition we showed the latest 3G, 4G china gps tracker, and there are many new model china gps tracker. It has attracted many professional buyers and customers from different countries.

china gps tracker

The "Tech Hall" of the Spring Electric Show set up the "Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition Technology" exhibition area for the first time this year to further meet the market demand. There are many seminars and exchanges on the spot. The "Technology Preview Seminar", one of the flagship activities, has successfully assisted the industry in grasping the latest technological trends and taking the lead in the theme of "Innovation Times • Looking to the Future".

Graffiti Intelligence will showcase again this year to showcase smart appliances and artificial intelligence solutions. Graffiti Intelligence co-founder and COO Yang Lan said: "We met with new buyers from Australia, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia, many of them. Expressing the intention of cooperation. Dawan District encourages the exchange of information and resources to promote overall development, and Hong Kong can accelerate the commercialization of artificial intelligence and IoT consumer products by virtue of its status as an international financial center."

On-site buyers have a very positive purchasing attitude. Kim Eui Geun, the purchasing representative of Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd., a Korean auto parts manufacturer, visited the spring electric show for the first time. He said that he has identified several potential suppliers and provided a variety of automotive electronics. Products include air purifiers, wireless chargers, smart phone chargers, smart watches with china gps tracker and key functions, and it is expected to order 50,000 pieces per product per year from suppliers (china gps tracker).

This year's Spring Electric Show and International Information Technology Expo welcomed more than 100,000 visitors, and the number of buyers in various markets recorded an ideal increase, including Mainland China, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Russia and the United Kingdom. More than 67,000 buyers visited the China Spring Electric Show, and more than 34,000 buyers visited the IT Expo(china gps tracker).

china gps tracker

Among them, our company also received business cards from nearly 100 customers, and all the china gps tracker product brochures were distributed on the first day of the exhibition. Customers came to our booth to inquire about our china gps tracker, and expressed great interest. Several models china gps tracker are very popular with everyone, and the china gps tracker market is very good. TR05, TR08, TR07 professional china gps tracker are different. The choice of price, for the purchaser, is undoubtedly a big advantage, free china gps tracker platform, and it is stable . One of the customers from the Middle East placed 3,000 orders for the china gps tracker on the spot. Thanks a lot of buyers from afar, and also recognized our china gps tracker professionally.

china gps tracker

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