The reason why owners choose OBD GPS tracker device

132 Published by admin 5月 23,2019

In 2010, the GPS tracker was still a very high-sounding product, and it sold hundreds of units every month. At that time, no one knew that the GPS tracker broke out so much.

The industry that uses the most GPS trackers should count the type of car. As people's living standards become higher and higher, cars have become a dedicated means of transportation for every family. And the GPS tracker has become the favorite object of all major owners.Today, GPS trackers are diverse, wireless GPS tracker device, personal GPS tracker device, portable GPS tracker device , etc., and the OBD GPS tracker device stands out.

OBD GPS tracker device

So why do car owners love OBD GPS tracker device? Below I briefly introduce the features of the OBD GPS tracker device:

1, positioning theft. This is the most basic function of the OBD GPS tracker device, and most of the owners are mainly purchased for this function. It allows you to know the location and basic situation of your car in real time.

2, track playback. You can view the track record that the car has traveled within 60 days on the platform. The most used of this function is the car loan, leasing, enterprise fleet management and other industries.

3, cut off the oil and power. When the car is stolen, you can send the command remotely to stop the car from powering off.

4, remote monitoring. You can remotely monitor everything in your car.

5, SOS help button. When an emergency situation occurs, you can press the SOS help button of the OBD GPS tracker device to ask the company or friend for help.

6, electronic fence. An area can be delineated to send an alarm message to the owner when the car leaves the area.

7, various alarm systems. An alert message is sent to the owner when an alarm occurs. Such as OBD GPS tracker device power failure alarm, drop alarm, speed alarm and so on.

8,portable gps tracking device is a 2g network machine with socket,easy to install and no wiring.

9,plug and play

OBD GPS tracker device

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