How to complete vehicle gps tracking devices solutions

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vehicle gps tracking devices refers to the abbreviation of applying GPS global positioning system technology to vehicle management; GPS vehicle positioning is mainly composed of two parts: GPS monitoring center (software system) GPS vehicle terminal (hardware part).

Vehicle gps tracking devices Features
Vehicle tracking: Global satellite positioning, providing information such as vehicle position, driving direction and driving speed 24 hours, displayed by satellite map.

Track playback: The GPS system arbitrarily queries the driving situation of the vehicle at any time. The map displays the trajectory of the vehicle in a dynamic manner, can play back the driving situation, and can export the driving trajectory report.

Mileage and fuel consumption management: The GPS system can output the fuel consumption of the vehicle according to the set time period.

Report Management: The system can automatically generate reports of vehicle information.

Marking function: The system can provide location marking function to facilitate understanding when the vehicle arrives at any marked location and improve efficiency.

Power failure alarm function: When the vehicle is trimmed, the battery is stolen or the GPS is removed, the GPS terminal will automatically send a text message back to the monitoring center, and the monitoring system will immediately alert the user.

Alarm function: overspeed alarm, over-border alarm, parking timeout alarm, power failure alarm, custom alarm, etc.

Vehicle gps tracking devices Overview:
For the current car loan finance and insurance, private cars and other types of social vehicles. With a location query, phone inquiries, remote power off the oil, security, voice prompts, and other major functions. Effective solution to vehicle theft, the risk of being robbed, with a small volume of unique products, search star is strong, the whole concealed mounting features, is currently on the market for a few specialized vehicle theft, snatches products.

Vehicle gps tracking devices solutions facing problem:
* How do I know the vehicle position information?
* How to reduce theft, robbed probability?
* How to reduce driving risk and improve safety awareness?

Solutions (private anti-theft vehicle gps tracking devices solutions):
* By private car anti-theft system GPS vehicle location monitoring, use System Center electronic map, online search vehicles get real-time information about the current location of the vehicle, the owner can also use the mobile phone inquiry detailed location information of the vehicle, even if the vehicle is stolen, it can found vehicles.
* Once the owner of the hijacked criminals, press the alarm button, the alarm monitoring center after receiving information on the vehicle for target location, tracking, police immediately. When necessary, can be implemented to control off the oil off your vehicle by private car GPS anti-theft system remote control. Multiple vehicles to increase security, snatches performance, greatly reducing vehicle theft, the risk of being robbed, effective protection of people. Car safety.
* Vehicles in the private car GPS anti-theft system with security under different conditions (speed, cross-border, parking, etc.), warm humane reminders or prompts, effectively improve the safety awareness owners.

Remind driver safety management (private car vehicle gps tracking devices solutions)

1, out of bounds alarm: after vehicle leaves a defined area, vehicle terminal automatically to a central alarm situation, such as to leave a certain area, you can set the alarm to leave a place such as a company, warehouse, customer address, etc.
2, into the community alarm: If the vehicle enters the defined area, it will alarm. You can set an alarm area can also be a warehouse, customer address, etc.
3, emergency alarm: When the owner of a dangerous situation, you can press the emergency alarm button
4, remote power: Center according to the actual circumstances commanding immediately turn off the vehicle engine
5 off the oil recovery: remote command center issued a recoverable under normal vehicle, unlock the car
6, Speed alarm: preset minimum and maximum speed and speeding time, vehicle speed exceeds a preset speed range, and lasts longer than the preset time an alarm is triggered. For monitoring the vehicle is moving, unexpected stop, etc.

The above is the vehicle gps tracking devices solutions. The vehicle GPS positioning equipment is widely used in various automobile industries such as financial vehicles, enterprise vehicles, engineering vehicles, private cars, etc. The functions include position positioning, track playback, electronic fence, and out-of-zone alarm. And it is generally installed in the hidden position of the car, it is difficult to find. Therefore, it is also an essential means of financial vehicle risk control.

vehicle gps tracking devices

vehicle gps tracking devices

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