The difference between wired GPS and wireless GPS

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In the automobile industry, gps tracking are often installed to reduce the risk of theft. Nowadays, the types of gps tracking on the market can be divided into wireless GPS tracking, wired GPS tracking and OBD interface type GPS tracking. What is the difference between the remaining wired GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker?

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The power of the wireless GPS tracking comes from the built-in battery itself, and its service life depends on the frequency of data uploading. For example, when the wireless GPS tracking is set to update the data once a day, its service life is three years; when the data is updated twice a day, its service life is reduced. Therefore, the positioning of wireless GPS tracking is not time-sensitive, which is also one of its disadvantages, but less wiring installation more flexible, hidden will be stronger.gps tracking

The biggest difference between wired GPS tracking and wireless GPS tracking lies in the "line". The wired GPS tracking need to be connected to the power supply of the car for use, while the wireless GPS tracking are magnetic free installation, and only need to stick the GPS tracking in the place with iron. Wired GPS positioner, because it is connected to the power supply of the car, can achieve 24 hours of accurate positioning, positioning time is more advantageous. On the other hand, without the built-in battery, the wired GPS tracker will be smaller and more concealed, but the connection with the power line of the car will make the installation less flexible, which is also a drawback of the wired GPS tracking.

In general, the advantages of 1+1>2 can be realized through the combination of wireless GPS tracking and wired GPS tracking. When the wired GPS tracking is unfortunately removed, the enterprise can also find the vehicle information in the first time through the wireless GPS tracking and find the vehicle in time.

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