The difference between wired and wireless GPS tracker

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In today's increasingly technologically advanced world, both companies and individuals want to control their Love cars at any time. Many people are uncertain when purchasing a car GPS positioning tracker, because it is uncertain which type of cabled GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker is Better?


Wired GPS Tracker The "line" of wired GPS is more than wireless GPS. It is used to connect the vehicle's power line, ACC line, etc. The working power of wired GPS is provided by the vehicle. Generally, a miniature battery is built in to make the device It can still work for 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours after power off, to prevent equipment lines from being cut off maliciously and unable to continue working.

wired and wireless GPS tracker

Advantages: Because the working power of wired GPS can be provided by the vehicle, the biggest feature of wired GPS is that it can be located in real-time within 24 hours without worrying about the sudden power-off of the equipment. In terms of signal strength, the signal of the wired GPS equipment is stronger and the positioning accuracy is higher. Relatively better.


In terms of functions, the Great-Will cable GPS tracker is powerful and can be tracked in real time. It can remotely control fuel and fuel consumption, monitor fuel consumption, set up an electronic fence area, and can be used for speeding alarms, fatigue driving alarms, vibration alarms, and illegal movement alarms. The vehicle's track can also be viewed on the vehicle's monitoring platform.


Disadvantages: Wired GPS must be connected to the power cable of the vehicle. The installation location is not flexible enough. It can only be installed where there is a power cable, so it is easy to be destroyed and lost by criminals. In addition, the real-time positioning function of wired GPS makes the device always In the signal receiving/sending state, criminals can use GPRS signal jammers/detectors to interfere with the working status of the equipment or find the installation location of the equipment.


Applicable vehicle types: enterprise and enterprise fleets, bus passengers, follow-up investigations, precious logistics transportation, cargo tracking, vehicle leasing, car loan management, private cars and other related industries.


The wireless GPS tracker means that the entire device has no external wiring and thus cannot obtain external power. The working period of the device is limited by the built-in power supply. The service life of the wireless GPS tracker battery is determined by the positioning frequency you set. The higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life. Therefore, the wireless GPS tracker is generally an ultra-long standby type, and can be directly used for 2 to 3 years without changing the battery or charging.

wired and wireless GPS tracker

Advantages: The wireless GPS tracker positioning time is controllable, and the device immediately enters the dormant state after the end of the transmission signal. The flexible adjustment can largely avoid the interference of the GPRS signal masker and the signal detector, further improving the tamper resistance of the device.


Wireless GPS Tracker can be installed free, because there is no wiring, so the wireless GPS tracker installation will not be limited by the vehicle line, you can rely on strong magnetic placement in any position of the vehicle (pay attention to signal strength), Better hidden, except for the owners of others Hard to find out, good security.


Disadvantages: compared to the cable GPS tracker, wireless GPS features a single, can not be real-time positioning, wireless device display location information for the last time positioning, not the current location information, so unless the car was stolen or other Real-time positioning is turned on in an emergency.


 In addition, the wireless GPS device signal is also slightly worse, because there is no wiring with the car, can not detect some changes in the status of the vehicle, the timeliness is also poor.


Applicable vehicle types: vehicle leasing, car loan management, private car, tracking investigation, precious logistics transportation, bus passenger transportation, cargo tracking and other industries.

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