Electric motorcycle GPS locator invisible installation skills

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The convenience of electric motorcycles is believed to be recognized by everyone. The use of motorcycles as their own auxiliary means has become an urban fashion. Motorcycle thieves have also become increasingly rampant, so motorcycle anti-theft is even more important. There are many kinds of motorcycle anti-theft devices on the market, and there are many kinds of names. From electronic alarms, disc brakes, U-locks, chain locks to more advanced GPS satellite positioning alarms. Most of them are passive anti-theft measures, but the emergence of GPS satellite positioning anti-theft devices has broken the limitations of passive anti-theft of motorcycles. The GPS anti-theft device receives the satellite signal with high precision, and can lock the position of the motorcycle within ten meters or even several meters. Using the GSM mobile signal network to immediately send warning commands such as vibration alarm, power failure alarm, illegal movement to the mobile phone. The user can also monitor the position and status of the motorcycle with a client such as a mobile phone or a computer. Once the motorcycle is stolen, the user can search for the trail of the motorcycle based on the satellite map, which improves the chance of recovery of the stolen motorcycle. This article will not detail the features and options of the Electric motorcycle GPS locator.


Although the Electric motorcycle GPS locator has many advantages, once it is discovered and removed by the thief, the GPS anti-theft device will lose its practical significance. Therefore, since the GPS anti-theft device is selected, the installation position of the GPS anti-theft device has become the focus of this anti-theft measure. So how can you make your Electric motorcycle GPS locator "invisible"?


Let me tell you about the invisible installation of the Electric motorcycle GPS locator. Users who are not familiar with motorcycle circuits and structures should not install them themselves.

Electric motorcycle GPS locator

  1. After we purchase the Electric motorcycle GPS locator, we should read the GPS locator manual carefully to understand the specific functions and line installation guide of the Electric motorcycle GPS locator. After inserting the GSM card into the corresponding card slot, connect the built-in battery of the GPS locator. After confirming that the device power indicator and GPS satellite signal indicator are normal, activate the GPS locator according to the instructions in the manual.


  1. Determine the installation location of the Electric motorcycle GPS locator, which is the focus of the "invisible" installation of the GPS locator. Electric motorcycle GPS locator position selection to minimize metal shielding, do not install the GPS locator in a closed metal space. As far as possible, the installation location is relatively concealed. The installation is cumbersome, which means that the thieves are also difficult to dismantle and require a lot of time. It is not possible to choose to install anti-theft devices in a more conventional location, such as under the seat, inside the tool box, near the battery, and so on. You can't choose to install a GPS device without any hassle. Try not to just unscrew a few screws, open 1-2 shell covers, you can find the location of the GPS host. For example: the front of the scooter, under the seat of the cyclist. These locations are the “must-have” for thieves to steal motorcycles, as this is where most motorcycle start-up lines and batteries are located.


According to the structural characteristics of the installed motorcycle, the position of the GPS locator host is selected. Some motorcycles have a relatively simple main structure and cannot find hidden spaces. You can use the "eye-blocking method" to install a device or device, and then install the GPS host in or near it.

Electric motorcycle GPS locator

  1. Design the line trace of the GPS locator.


Generally, the GPS locator has a positive power line, a ground line (ground wire), and a positive electric line of the electric door lock. If the GPS positioner has a remote flameout function, there should also be 1-2 flameout lines. If the GPS positioner has a remote flameout function, it must not be discarded for some reason. Invisible installation of the GPS locator must follow a wiring principle: all connecting lines should not be connected to the motorcycle's own line by means of a bright line (flying line). The positive and negative poles of the anti-theft device should not be directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery. It is recommended to connect the positive and negative lines, the ground wire, the electric door lock positive line and the flameout line to connect the GPS bus with the motorcycle bus. For specific wiring, refer to the circuit diagram of the relevant motorcycle model or measure the corresponding line with a multimeter.


  1. After the line is connected, connect the Electric motorcycle GPS locator and perform a functional test. After confirming that the functions of the Electric motorcycle GPS locator are normal, the line can be closed.


  1. Carefully check the rationality of the line wiring, in short, can not intuitively find the existence of the GPS alarm. The GPS anti-theft device line is integrated with the motorcycle body line.


Electric motorcycle GPS locator invisible installation two points: 1. Clever use of the internal structure of the motorcycle, the installation of the host position as concealed. 2. The line is concealed and routed as far as possible in the original car line. If the Electric motorcycle GPS locator is not properly and reasonably installed, its anti-theft features will be greatly reduced. It will mean that its role is only a locator and driving track recorder, then its function is not as good as a general electronic burglar alarm.

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