Electric vehicle GPS tracker installation problem

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The installation of the electric vehicle GPS tracker is different according to the function. The more complicated the electric vehicle GPS tracker is installed, the more complicated it is. The following describes the easy-to-install electric vehicle GPS tracker method. This electric vehicle positioner has four basic lines: positive and negative power lines, ACC line and RELAY line (optional). The first is to define the definition of the line of different colors of the electric vehicle positioner.


The factory defines the electric vehicle GPS tracker outlet:

  1. Electric vehicle GPS tracker's red line is the positive power supply wiring, and the electric vehicle battery positive pole (9-90V range)


2, Electric vehicle GPS tracker black line is the negative power supply wiring, connected to the electric vehicle battery negative


3, Electric vehicle GPS tracker orange line is the ACC detection line, connected to the ON position of the ACC on the electric vehicle


4, Electric vehicle GPS tracker yellow line is RELAY line, connected to electric car relay

electric vehicle GPS tracker

Followed by the electric vehicle GPS tracker installation precautions


The installation method of the electric vehicle positioner is concealed installation, and the installation proposal is to be installed by a professional organization designated by the dealer. Installation precautions: Hide the installation, pay attention to waterproof; use a cable tie to fix it, or use a sponge double-sided tape; ensure that the front (indicator) is facing up to the sky.


Again the location of the electric vehicle positioner installation


  1. Installed inside the taillight or inside the plastic part


2, installed under the pedal


3, installed inside the front cover (preferred position)


Then electric vehicle GPS tracker wiring method


  1. Use a multimeter to find the positive and negative power lines of the vehicle battery.


  1. Use the multimeter to find the ACC line. Judgment method: the multimeter red pen is connected to the ACC line, the black pen is connected to the negative pole. When the electric car key is in the OFF state, the voltage is 0V. When the electric car key is turned ON, the multimeter displays the electric car. Supply voltage.


  1. The power input line interface is connected to the positive and negative terminals of the power supply (the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed)


  1. The ACC line is connected to the ACC line of the electric vehicle (if the electric vehicle has an anti-theft device, the orange line is the ACC line)

electric vehicle GPS tracker

Power off function wiring method:


1) Selection of relay: The voltage should match the voltage of the electric vehicle battery. For example, when the electric vehicle battery voltage is 60V, the relay voltage should be 60V relay, and the maximum voltage that is fluctuating is also the range supported by the relay.


2) Leave the rear wheels floating (the wheels should not touch the ground to ensure safety)


3) The yellow line of the electric vehicle positioner is connected to the relay 86.


4) The relay (85 feet) white wire is connected to the electric vehicle ACC.


5) Find the front end power cable of the battery positive output, cut it, and match the cut power cable to one end of relay 87a and the other end to 30 pins matching the relay.


Finally, check if the electric vehicle positioner can be used normally after installation. If not, check if there is something wrong or consult your dealer.

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