Advantages and disadvantages of free installation GPS locator

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Free installation GPS locator, can be divided into: car GPS locator, personal GPS locator, pet GPS locator. Below, we focus on the free installation GPS locator for car.


  1. What are the advantages of free installation wireless GPS locator?


(1) free installation, can be placed at will


Free installation GPS locator's working power comes from the built-in battery. Therefore, you can place any position of the car at will, or magnetize it in a hidden place such as the bottom of the car.


(2)small size, strong concealment


Because it is not bound by the power cord, the free installation wireless GPS locator can be placed at will, such as arbitrarily adsorbed in the hidden place of the car chassis, seat, lamp post, etc., it is difficult to be found.


(3) easy to install, no professional training


No wiring is required. When installing, the owner does not need to go through professional technical training, and can also find a suitable "home" for it, and does not need to hire a professional master to install, so it saves costs.


(4) not easy to be detected by interference


Because the wireless GPS locator must be woken up at the specified time, the monitoring time can be mastered and the flexibility is stronger, which largely avoids the interference of the signal shielding device or the detector.


(5) higher security performance


Today, most car loan and rental customers know that GPS locators will be installed on the vehicle. The wired GPS locator can easily be found by people with ulterior motives along the power line. Once removed, the positioning function has no effect. The free installation GPS locator can be placed in a concealed manner, thus greatly improving the tamper resistance.

free installation GPS locator

  1. the lack of free installation GPS locator


(1) the consumption of electricity


Free installation GPS locator's working power comes from the built-in battery, not relying on the power supply. Therefore, the power supply of the free installation GPS locator has a service life, and the service life of the battery depends on the frequency at which the positioning information is sent.


(2)cannot achieve oil cutoff control


Free installation GPS locator cannot do remote power cuts and power outages for a while, there is a certain inconvenience for companies with special needs.

free installation GPS locator installation GPS locator application area


Free installation GPS locator is designed for long standby. Due to its strong hidden nature, this product is the first choice for auto finance companies such as car loans, financial leasing, and used cars. Such as:


(1) Car rental company;


(2) Credit mortgage vehicles;


(3) Loan vehicles;


(4) Valuable logistics transportation;


(5) Tracking of cargo transportation;


(6) used vehicles;


(7) Container leasing;


(8) Anti-theft of electric vehicles and motorcycle vehicles;


(9) Monitoring of specific items and vehicles.

free installation GPS locator

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