Full introduction to OBD Car gps tracker

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The OBD Car gps tracker is a GPS locator with OBD's second-generation on-board diagnostic function. The OBDII-based plug-and-play GPS tracker combines anti-theft, fault diagnosis, monitoring, alarm first aid and tracking functions with a new integrated product. Compact appearance, embedded GSM module and GPS module, can instantly monitor and record vehicle speed and position, support regional fence and abnormal alarm, SMS short message channel, remote monitoring, ensure worry-free.

OBD Car gps tracker 1 second installation, plug and play, mainly used in vehicle location management, vehicle fault warning, vehicle physical examination, and fuel consumption statistics and safe driving assistance analysis.

OBD Car gps tracker product features:
1, High reliability circuit design, in line with relevant standards of the automotive electronics industry.
2, built-in high-performance GPS chipset. Accurate positioning under weak signal conditions.
3, built-in GSM / GPRS module, support GSM900 / 1800MHz (850 / 1900), can work worldwide.
4, New support for OBDII automotive interface standards.
5, support SMS communication or GPRSTCP connection, you can receive location information through mobile phone SMS, or view the motion track on the Internet.
6, with voice call function (need to access the headset)
7. The product can currently read the vehicle mileage statistics, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, engine temperature, engine speed, maximum speed, minimum speed, voltage, oil pressure, and fuel-to-air ratio of ten vehicle status data through the OBDII interface.
8, OBD Car gps tracker with SOS help function, power off function, external power cord cut off alarm function, electronic fence function, speed alarm, historical data upload, parking throttle upload and car tracking timing upload and other functions.

OBD Car gps tracker frequently asked questions
1. How to install and use after receiving the goods?

The Obd interface OBD Car gps tracker is free of installation. After the device is plugged in the traffic card, the OBD interface is found in the car, and the device is inserted into the OBD interface, and it can be used.

2. How to check the car Positioning?

The device supports multiple check modes such as computer, mobile APP, and SMS. For example, the computer search website:

3. What are the functions of the device?

The device has real-time positioning, track playback, electronic fence, mileage statistics, speeding reminder, power failure alarm, single and double number limit reminder, data detection and other functions.

4. Why does the device drift when it is still?

The device has two methods: GPS positioning and base station positioning (LBS). In the case of normal outdoor signal, GPS positioning is performed. The accuracy of GPS positioning technology is in the range of 5 meters. In indoors, such as underground parking lots, where the signal is poor, the device will automatically Turning to base station positioning, the accuracy of base station positioning is about 100 meters, so there will be errors in positioning accuracy, which causes the position to drift when positioning, but because the device uses GPS positioning in most cases, the error range is small. So there is not much impact on the use of device features.

Full introduction to OBD Car gps tracker Full introduction to OBD Car gps tracker

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