User Guide of GPS Car Tracker Device

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A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker is a portable terminal device manufactured by a related art enterprise for object positioning. It is a finished product, and with the relevant positioning platform or APP, we can accurately obtain location information.


As its name suggests, GPS Car Tracker is a GPS-specific positioning device that allows fleet managers, parents and owners to monitor and track the location of their cars and trucks. In general, GPS Car Tracker for cars is not only real-time. Providing the instantaneous speed and position data of the car, most companies will expand the practical functions of the GPS Car Tracker to solve the needs of more owners, such as historical location data query, so that the owner can better grasp the trajectory of the car, to use To count the driving situation of the car for a period of time, just like many paced software now, it can play back your running route.


The real-time alarm function prevents your car from being stolen and knows the car's abnormal information in real time. Even some car GPS trackers can perform oil-and-oil operation. You can imagine that you are the manager of the team company. When you find that a car driven by your employee deviates from the normal driving route, the employee is driving to another place to play. You need to use the mobile app. It’s so cool to interrupt the car!

GPS Car Tracker

As the level of technology improves, we believe that GPS Car Tracker will have more features in the future.


After talking about the purpose of the GPS tracker, let's take a look at how the GPS tracker works.


How does the GPS tracking device work?


The GPS tracker uses the GPS satellite network to find the location where the device needs to be located. The basic principle is that the GPS tracker uses a three-sided measurement method to determine its physical position. The premise of determining the position is that it needs to be worth the distance from three GPS satellites. Then, we can accurately know the location of the device through the coordinate method. The use of personal car navigation systems is also the same technical principle.


However, GPS Car Tracker is still different from car navigation systems. The difference between GPS Car Tracker and car navigation system is that the navigation system provides you with location and driving directions, while the tracker can record your driving habits or real-time playback position.


Car navigation system services, in order to find individuals to open navigation in a certain location, we do not need to install other facilities. The GPS Car Tracker service is mainly the leader of the fleet management company, and the individual who needs to detect the movement information of the object in real time. The GPS Car Tracker can be used as the carrier of the information channel, and we need to install the SIM card to the device.

GPS Car Tracker

GPS Car Tracker application scenario


The main purpose of GPS Car Tracker is to keep you informed of where your vehicle is and how it can be used in certain situations. For example, if your car is stolen, but you have a tracker installed, you can provide the police with the exact location and help the police quickly solve the problem and find your car.


In fleet management, GPS Car Tracker is a very effective solution to ensure efficient operation of corporate vehicles and to prevent employees from using private vehicles. This can help companies manage assets efficiently and save labor costs because this only It takes a few GPS car positioning devices to get it done.


GPS Car Tracker can also be used directly in parental monitoring of children and in the application scenarios that concern the child's growth. In order to prevent the wrong behavior of your teen’s, or to remind driving safety issues in real time. You can install the tracker correctly on your teen's car so you can know where they are in real time, see where they have been, where they went, and even if they are speeding, you can take action through these actions to help your child drive safely. Of course, the couple is also very suitable.


GPS Car Tracker is also very useful for owners of large car or truck fleets. They use the device to play back historical track, and adjust the driving status to improve work efficiency. Moreover, they prefer to use GPS Car Tracker to calculate driving mileage for billing or reimbursement.

GPS Car Tracker

How to use GPS car tracker?


Using a GPS tracker in a car is usually very simple, but the process used by each company will be slightly different. The main difference between them may be the power supply. If you don't know the difference, it is a very good idea to refer to the manual.

There are two types of vehicle positioners, wired and wireless vehicle positioners. Some companies will distinguish or name GPS locators based on their functions.


The commonly used GPS Car Tracker is activated by plugging in the onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) connector. This OBD connector is usually located below the dashboard near the driver's legs. You can continue to power the device without using an external power supply, and the use time is long, which is very suitable for enterprise fleet management.


Some GPS Car Trackers are designed to plug only into cigarette lighters or accessory outlets, which limits where you can install them. These GPS Car Trackers are easy to install and use, and we need to be aware that some GPS Car Trackers will continue to draw power from your battery when you are not driving. In this case, you will need to unplug the GPS Car Tracker to prevent the battery from running out.

The wireless GPS Car Tracker is typically powered by the internal battery of the device, which means they can be installed almost anywhere and are highly flexible. Since there is no external power supply, this type of tracker must be removed and charged periodically, otherwise it will stop working. Therefore, the length of standby time is a measure of the quality of this tracker.

GPS Car Tracker

How to check the location of your GPS Car Tracker


When you install GPS Car Tracker in your vehicle, you usually need to register your account with the enterprise development platform, then enter the IMEI and activation code of the device you purchased, you can use the software on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. View its location in real time. For a more detailed operation, you can check the platform manual. No matter which type of positioning terminal you choose, you need a SIM card.

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