How much do you know about the GPS device?

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1.Basic information
The GPS device is a global positioning system for receiving and analyzing the orbit information and time information of several satellite back-return waves in space to calculate the longitude, latitude, horizontal height and moving speed of the GPS receiver. The basic equipment of a GPS device usually includes a GPS receiver, a parser, and a high-efficiency microcomputer.

GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense. GPS provides three-dimensional position, speed and time for all land, sea and air users around the world 24 hours a day. It is more accurate than other radio navigation systems.

2.The composition of the GPS device

Space segment, control segment, and user segment.

GPS device

3, GPS equipment terminology
Antenna: It mainly refers to the position of the wire used by the GPS when it receives the signal, such as the built-in antenna, external antenna, and car antenna.

Interface: The interface of the GPS device can be divided into a data interface, a power interface, and a radio frequency interface. The specific standards of various interfaces are as follows: data / power interface: international standard 20-pin (2 × 10) plug, RTCM104 / RS-232, NMEA0183; RF interface: OSX (or MCX type, ultra-small, snap-lock) .

Refresh speed: refers to how often the GPS device is refreshed after receiving the information sent by the GPS satellite to obtain the latest positioning information. Generally, the installation is completed, and it is refreshed every 10 seconds, so that the obtained positioning information is almost real-time.

Track: A route is a set of data stored in GPS memory, including the coordinates of a starting point and an ending point. It can also include the coordinates of several intermediate points. The line segment between each two coordinate points is called a “track”.

GPS signal receiver: A GPS device can also be called a GPS signal receiver. It also has different GPS signal receivers required by the user depending on the purpose of use. At present, there are dozens of factories in the world that produce GPS receivers, and there are hundreds of products. These products can be classified according to principles, uses, functions, and the like.

Data update rate: refers to the data update speed received by the GPS device, which is usually refreshed in units of 1 time/second.

SOS: When an emergency occurs, press this button to alert the mobile phone number via the platform alarm and send an alarm message.

Electronic fence: Demarcate an area through the platform, similar to the circle of the Journey to the West. When leaving the area, you will receive an alarm message.

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