Frequently asked questions and solutions for gps devices

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Common problem Problem Solution
Poor reception Use terminals in areas where reception is poor, such as near high-rise buildings or basements, wireless Radio waves cannot be conveyed Used in a good signal location
Cannot boot Battery of gps devices is exhausted Replacement battery
Unable to listen


Unable to set SOS number Set the SOS number
SIM does not open caller ID Open SIM caller ID
Unable to connect to network





SIM card is not installed Check SIM card
SIM card metal has dirt Wipe with a clean cloth
SIM card is invalid Contact your network service provider
Exceeding the GSM service area


Please move to the network service provider service area
Weak signal of gps devices Please move to a place where the signal is strong.
Can't find location information



SIM card does not open GPRS function Please contact your network service provider to enable GPRS function.
Can't find location data Restart the terminal; please contact your dealer
Non-SOS number cannot be queried Please bind the query phone number to the SOS number
Cannot be located after the device is online


Green GPS signal light is always on The light is always on, indicating that the device is in the positioning state. Please confirm whether the GPS ceramic surface is facing up, and check if there is metal shielding around.
If the installation method and location are correct Please try to restart the device and put the device in an open space to use the device's internal battery to check whether the device can be successfully located.
The device is offline during use




Check if the SIM card in the device is in arrears Please contact your dealer
If the gps devices have a call function You can try to dial the SIM card number. Under normal circumstances, the device will automatically hang up. You can send a text message to the device to restart it. If you still can't go online after restarting, please restart manually.
If you call to turn off the phone or can't connect If the equipment is in good environment and there is driving during offline, please check the equipment manually restart
If the gps devices are manually restarted, it still cannot be online. Please contact your local distributor
Satellite positioning accuracy is not enough Positioning accuracy is greater than 10 meters Please confirm whether there is any metal covering in the outdoor open space or GPS antenna installation position.
Traffic card arrears


Traffic card has expired Please contact the dealer to recharge
The traffic card has not reached the agreed expiration time. The monthly traffic card only provides data traffic packets, and generally does not calculate SMS and call charges.
Log in system This IMEI number does not exist Contact the dealer to add the IMEI account to the system.
No user account exists
Green LED light (power supply)





Fast flashing (light 0.1s, dark 0.1s) Low battery
Slow flashing (lights 2s, dark 2 seconds) Battery is full / working normally
Slow flash (light 0.1s, dark 2s) In normal work
Constantly bright charging
not bright Battery loss, internal failure
Blue LED (GPS signal) Fast flashing (light 0.1s, dark 0.1s) searching  GPS signal
Slow flash (light 0.1s, dark 2s) GPS is positioned
not bright GPS sleep or not working
Red LED(GSM signal)




Blinking (lights 0.1s, dark 1s) GSM receiving signal is normal
Slow flash (light 0.1s, dark 2s) GPRS online
Constantly bright Telephone incoming/outgoing
not bright Did not receive GSM signal or did not insert SIM card



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