Offer gps fleet tracking device with No monthly fees platform

135 Published by admin 7月 17,2018

Gps fleet tracking device is used to manage the fleet and improve the efficiency of the work. Our company provides all the GPS tracking system without monthly fees gps fleet tracking system, which reduces the company's platform cost and reduces the cost of gps fleet tracking device.

great-will offer a free monthly rent gps positioning system platform,it is can query the track of the vehicle off the oil and electricity in the case of this platform.

Gps fleet tracking device gives you the ease to monitor and control your vehicle with your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. You will receive SMS notification on your mobile phone whenever the alarm on the device is triggered. The device makes you feel the present of your vehicle and the control of it all the time.

Web Portal
The Gps fleet tracking device web portal is a great way to monitor the vehicle with real time and playback of the vehicle’s GPS position. Together with details such as location, speed, direction and the alarm that has been triggered, The greatwill web portal has everything you need to know about your vehicle.

Real time GPS positioning enables vehicle monitoring and controlling 24/7. The tracking data is store in the server and users are able to playback the tracking data for up to 30 days. This ensures that you do not miss out on any details even when you are busy or not available.

Fuel Cut-off and Restore
This feature is designed to prevent the vehicle theft from getting too far away. Users are able to use the fuel cut-off function to stop the vehicle so that you will be able to recover the vehicle easily.

This is a very professional Gps fleet tracking device system with no monthly fees, please feel free to contact us and we give you a test platform for gps tracking system allows you to experience better!Please contact us online to sell customer service.

Offer gps fleet tracking device with No monthly fees platform

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