Effective five ways to solve GPS positioning inaccuracies

183 Published by admin 6月 26,2019

In the daily monitoring, auto finance companies encounter more or less the problem of GPS positioning inaccuracies. Even through wifi, base station, EPO and other auxiliary positioning, the ideal positioning effect is still not achieved. The programmers who have omnipotently developed the difference, and a differential device is worth tens of thousands. After installation and use, it will do more harm than good for the auto finance industry. So how to improve the accuracy of GPS positioning of financial vehicles and reduce the positioning error? I have summarized five ways to effectively solve the problem of GPS positioning inaccuracies, as follows:


1.Give GPS devices a chance to look up at the sky at once

In the satellite positioning, 4 stars can be positioned, but if more satellites participate in the solution and return data, the positioning will be more stable and accurate. So stay away from the high-rise buildings and give the GPS a chance to look up at the sky.

GPS positioning

2.Powerful electronic devices interfere with GPS signals

The transmission of GPS signals is to receive electromagnetic interference, especially for some high-power electronic devices, so keep away from electromagnetic interference during installation, even if you install anti-shielding and anti-jamming vehicle positioning terminals. give GPS sufficient time to adjust positioning

The start of the GPS device is divided into hot start, warm start, and cold start. When your GPS is used frequently, it remembers the location of the satellite, so you can find the satellite soon; however, if you don't turn on the GPS for a long time, or suddenly go to a distant place, it will have to re-search the star. Just wait for it to successfully locate once and it will work.


4."new for the old" new model new GPS is more effective

The newer tracker searches for stars faster and more accurately. Unlike the integrated GPS positioning module of the mobile phone, many car GPS trackers use international industrial-grade GPS boards, and even smoothing technology or simple inertial positioning system can be effective in tunnels and basements.

5.GPS antenna is the transmission hub of the signal

The GPS positioning device, the calculation result of the positioning data shows the position of the antenna. GPS antennas are essential for satellite positioning. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the GPS antenna to face the sky.

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