The function and application of GPS real-time monitoring system

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With the continuous development of GPS positioning technology, GPS real-time monitoring system has been widely applied to various industrial fields and achieved good management results. The monitoring platform is the core of GPS monitoring and is a remote visual command and monitoring management platform. It is a technology that combines GPS, wireless communication, image processing and GIS technology for remote real-time monitoring of mobile people, vehicles, pets and equipment.

GPS real-time monitoring system

First, achievable functions:

1. Real-time tracking and positioning:

The monitoring vehicle is monitored in real time through the GPS real-time monitoring system. Including: the real-time position of the vehicle, the direction of travel, and the speed of travel, so as to facilitate timely grasp of the driving conditions of the vehicle.

2, Playback track data:

The GPS real-time monitoring system can play back the historical itinerary and trajectory data of the specified time period in the past 60 days.

3. Alarm reminder function:

(1) Overspeed alarm: When the monitored vehicle speed exceeds the preset threshold, the device reports the data to the monitoring center in time.

(2) Electronic fence alarm: The driving area can be set autonomously through the monitoring center. When the monitored vehicle travel route exceeds the preset area, an alarm will be found to the monitoring center.

(3) Parking record: The monitoring center can generate the report in the text of the historical parking record of the monitored vehicle, including the location, time and departure time of the stop and print.

4, The production of map function: according to the needs of the need to view, add or modify the map line, in order to better serve the enterprise.

5. Mileage statistics function: The GPS real-time monitoring system uses the GPRS vehicle terminal driving record function and the GIS geographic system principle to calculate the mileage of the vehicle and generate a report for printing.

6, Vehicle information management: easy to operate, easy to manage monitoring platform. Settings including information such as the vehicle, driver, vehicle picture, etc., can be provided to facilitate dispatching the vehicle.

7. Remote control of the vehicle: The vehicle can be remotely shut off, shut off, and locked at any time according to the demand.

8. Fuel consumption detection function: Real-time monitoring of vehicle oil quantity change and generation of historical time oil quantity change report or oil quantity curve diagram, thus visually reflecting the normal consumption of oil quantity and insufficient oil quantity. In order to achieve efficient management of fuel consumption.

GPS real-time monitoring system

Second, the applicable areas:

1. Vehicle rental and mortgage loans

The GPS real-time monitoring system is a positioning management mode based on location information. It can better monitor mobile targets and better avoid the risks of car rental and mortgage loans and ensure asset security.

2. Logistics distribution vehicle field

The GPS real-time monitoring system can timely report the driving data of the logistics distribution vehicles in the operation process to the monitoring platform, better manage and dispatch the vehicles while supervising the transportation operation of the vehicles, and can serve the customers by using the monitoring platform with high stability. Providing a transparent transportation process, allowing customers to fully grasp the location and status of their goods, thereby improving the service efficiency of logistics and distribution with customer satisfaction.

3. Ship shipping field

The ship needs guidance by means of positioning technology on the way to navigation. Through the GPS platform, not only can the shipping route of the ship be more accurate, but also the ship's operational data can be collected, and the visualization and real-time monitoring and dispatching management of the ship during the offshore period can be efficiently realized.

In practical applications, the GPS real-time monitoring system has a very wide application. In addition to the application fields described above, it is also used in school bus monitoring, passenger monitoring and other industries. By accurately and real-time positioning of vehicles, managers can identify problems and take emergency plans to improve management efficiency and reduce accidents!

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