GPS real-time tracker comprehensive problem solving

78 Published by admin 6月 27,2019

ONE:After the remote power cut on the GPS platform, why can the vehicle still drive spontaneously?


A: Make sure that the wiring of the car tracker relay is correct; in addition, the GPS real-time tracker must be connected to the server, the vehicle is in a "stationary" or "driving" state, and the vehicle speed is less than 20 kilometers. If the GPS real-time tracker is offline, not positioned, or the vehicle speed is higher than 20 kilometers, the positioner will not cut off the oil even if the remote power cut is successful.


TWO: send a mobile phone command to the car tracker, why is there no reply or reply error?


A: The total situation is generally related to SIM cards and signals. You can check the status of the SIM card:


1, call the number on the car trackerSIM card to see if it is owed


  1. Check whether the SIM card has a GPRS traffic plan and SMS service.


3, the signal is poor in the area, the SMS gateway is delayed.

GPS real-time tracker

THREE: install the car tracker, GPS platform display is not the location of the car?

A:There are several reasons for this.


1, the car tracker has just been installed, and the vehicle is stationary, the device will not transmit new location information to the server. So the old positioning data is displayed. Just let the car go out for a few minutes to update the location information.


  1. The signal conditions of the environment in which the car is located are relatively poor, and the GPS satellite cannot be completely searched, resulting in the car locator not receiving the signal.


3, installation problems, the installation location is too closed, it is not easy to search for satellite signals again after the satellite signal is interrupted. If this problem occurs multiple times, it is recommended to adjust the installation location.

4.Check if the SIM card is working properly.


FOUR:Why does the data in the operational statistics not match the actual situation? Does the mileage statistics match the actual mileage?


A: The running statistics function on the monitoring platform is based on the location information uploaded by the tracker to the monitoring platform. The location information of the GPS real-time tracker may be restricted by factors such as signal, environment, and fault. In other words, if the tracker is offline or not located, and there is no accurate location data, the data of the running statistics may automatically retransmit some data, but this will have some errors with the actual route. Therefore, the operational statistics on the monitoring platform can only be used as a reference.

FIVE:The trajectory of the vehicle is not correct. Is the drift very serious?


A: This problem is usually caused by poor satellite signals.


First, when our vehicles are driving or stopping, they usually encounter tunnels, high-rise buildings, or places with more trees. In this case, the GPS signal will be weaker and even completely shielded, and the equipment will not receive the signal. There will be a phenomenon of inaccurate positioning.


Second, when the GPS signal of the device is interfered or the signal is blocked, the device will automatically switch to base station positioning or WIFI positioning according to the strength of the surrounding signal source. When the peripheral base station signal is strong, the device will automatically connect to the base station for positioning.

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