What are the characteristics of GPS-specific positioning device

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GPS is the abbreviation of English Global Positioning System. Compared with other navigation and positioning technologies, GPS-specific positioning device technology has the following characteristics.


  1. Continuous coverage on a global scale. Due to the large number of GPS satellites, the spatial distribution and operation cycle have been carefully designed to allow at least 4 satellites to be observed at any time on any part of the globe, thus ensuring a global scale. Continuous three-dimensional positioning throughout the day.


  1. Realize real-time positioning. The GPS-specific positioning device can determine the three-dimensional coordinates and speed loss of the motion carrier in real time, so that the motion direction of the carrier can be monitored and corrected in real time, avoiding various adverse environments, and selecting the best route, which is difficult for many navigation and positioning technologies.


  1. High positioning accuracy. The GPS system can obtain high-precision coordinate, velocity and time information of dynamic targets, and can obtain relatively high positioning accuracy for static targets on a large spatial scale. With the improvement of the technical level, the positioning accuracy technology will have more further improvement.

GPS-specific positioning device

  1. Static positioning observation efficiency is high. Depending on the accuracy requirements, GPS static observation time ranges from several minutes to tens of days. From data acquisition to data processing, it is basically done automatically.


  1. Wide range of applications. GPS-specific positioning device has been successfully applied in surveying and mapping, resource exploration, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, vehicle navigation and control, crustal motion monitoring, engineering deformation monitoring, geodynamics, etc. with its remarkable features of all-weather, high-precision, automation and high efficiency.


Summary: GPS positioning features: 1 all weather, not affected by any weather; 2 global coverage (up to 98%); 3 fixed point, fixed speed, timing accuracy; 4 fast, time-saving, high efficiency; 5 widely used, Multi-function; 6 movable positioning.


GPS composition, GPS system consists of three parts, GPS satellite, GPS ground support system, GPS receiver


GPS satellites, the GPS space is composed of 24 satellites distributed in 6 equally spaced orbits. The satellite is more than 20,000 kilometers away from the Earth. This distribution can guarantee that it will be covered by 4 satellites in any part of the world at any time. GPS's Guardian can provide high-precision three-dimensional, ie, velocity, position and time information of any target within the coverage area to an unlimited number of users continuously and continuously throughout the day.

GPS-specific positioning device

GPS ground support system. The ground monitoring section consists of a monitoring system consisting of several tracking stations distributed around the world. According to their different functions, these tracking stations are divided into main control stations, injection stations and temporary control stations. The ground monitoring system of the GPS working satellite consists of one master station, three injection stations and five global monitoring stations.


GPS receiver, GPS receiver is a special radio receiver used to receive signals transmitted by navigation satellites to obtain the necessary navigation and positioning information, and to navigate and locate accordingly. For example, the GPS locator manufacturer Conkes GT740 long standby positioning terminal can receive satellite signals and send data to the corresponding mobile APP or computer through the IoT card.


Currently, with the further development of GPS technology, GPS applications have entered our daily lives and are changing our way of life. All vehicles are almost always dependent on GPS. Watch-type GPS receiver, GPS-enabled mobile phone, etc. Has become a loyal guide for tourists. GPS is like mobile phones, computer Internet has an impact on our lives, people can not do without it.

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