How do we judge and choose GPS tracker batteries?

137 Published by admin 5月 27,2019

The battery is the root of the extraordinary GPS tracker, which occupies an important position because the capacity and characteristics of the GPS tracker batteries determine the length of the GPS tracker's standby time. Moreover, the quality of GPS tracker batteries also directly affects the service life of GPS positioning products. We all know that the standby time is proportional to the capacity of the battery, and the larger the capacity, the stronger its continuous working ability. However, not all high-capacity batteries are suitable for use on long standby GPS trackers. So how do we judge and choose a battery?

First, let's take a look at the types of GPS tracker batteries, which are roughly divided into polymer batteries and lithium batteries.

1, polymer battery:

It is usually in the shape of a battery pack. It has the advantage of being rechargeable and can be made into different shapes and volumes according to requirements. The capacity can also be set by itself. The disadvantage is that the self-discharge is very high, which means that the battery will consume its own power. Imagine that if the battery itself has a high self-discharge amount, it is difficult to achieve a long standby requirement even if a large capacity is set.

GPS tracker batteries

2, lithium battery:

There are usually fixed models, including volume size, capacity, and so on. The advantage is that the self-discharge rate is relatively low. The disadvantage is that charging is not possible.

At present, almost all rechargeable GPS tracker batteries on the market use polymer batteries, which are normally used. Generally, a 6000 mAh battery can be used for about 40-50 days. If you want to achieve 90 days or more, you can only choose the long standby GPS tracker. This type of equipment has a small number of work per day, usually the default time. When the set time is reached, the positioning information is automatically uploaded to the platform, and other non-working hours enter the sleep. State, thus achieving power saving purposes. The long standby GPS tracker can generally work for three years.

If you choose a GPS tracker that is on standby for three years, you should pay attention if you use a polymer battery. Of course, lithium batteries are also divided into many types, and not all lithium batteries are suitable for long standby GPS trackers. The key is to look at the quality of the battery. For some manufacturers with high quality and good reputation, it is relatively guaranteed.

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