Is the application of gps tracker device really omnipotent?

176 Published by admin 5月 21,2019

GPS positioning is not a new thing in the present, it is big enough to the car rental industry, as small as personal wearable devices, gps tracker device can be seen everywhere, then GPS positioning system is omnipotent in life?

Can gps tracker device retrieve the phone?
I have been in this industry for a long time, and I often encounter some customers who ask "can help find the phone" when they consult. First of all, you must determine whether your mobile phone's gps tracker device is turned on. Secondly, this method of retrieving the mobile phone through the gps tracker device that comes with the mobile phone is only applicable to the mobile phone being in standby state. Once the mobile phone is turned off or offline, and the traffic function is not turned on, Can not be positioned! So it is unrealistic to find a lost phone by this method.

Is the gps tracker device worn by a person really so amazing, can you accurately locate the location?
Personally worn gps tracker device is mainly used in products for the elderly and children. Like positioning watches, positioning phones and multi-function crutches. But is it really accurate? The reality is that there is no precision in your imagination. However, when the child or the old man is lost in the mall, the positioning given by the gps tracker device is generally the base station positioning, because there is no GPS signal indoors.
Doesn't that mean that these GPS products are not useful? Although it does not reach 100% accuracy, it is still possible to know the approximate location. There are also some products with base station and wifi positioning in addition to GPS positioning. In this way, the accuracy of positioning in the mall can be improved a lot.

gps tracker device

With the gps tracker device installed, is the car not afraid to lose it?
Now many car owners will install gps tracker device for their car, you can check the real-time situation of the car through the mobile app. This scores two situations. If you are outdoors, the positioning accuracy can reach 10M or less, and you can find your car very accurately. But when the car is in the underground parking lot, the GPS has no signal. If there is built-in base station positioning or WIFI positioning function, you can still know the approximate location. If not, you don't know the location of the car.

Why is there no GPS positioning in the mall and underground parking lot?
The GPS is composed of 24 satellites (21 working satellites; 3 spare satellites). It is located above 20,200 km from the surface and has an operating period of 12 h. The satellites are evenly distributed over six orbital planes (four per orbital plane) with an orbital inclination of 55°. The distribution of satellites allows for the observation of more than four satellites anywhere in the world, at any time, and the ability to pre-store navigational signals in satellites.

The device must accept more than 4 satellites to get the location. GPS signals are not received in the mall and underground parking lot, so they are not located.

So what are the disadvantages of the gps tracker device?
1, gps tracker device can not be 100% positioning, indoor positioning is more inaccurate. The gps tracker device is also affected by many aspects, including buildings, viaducts, radio waves, etc. In general, the more accurate the gps tracker device is positioned in an empty space.

2. Influenced by the state of the sky satellite. Use gps tracker device instead of one or two or two days to decide whether it is good or bad. Because the sky satellite status is different every day, maybe the same place, the morning signal is full, but it can't be located at night. Even the situation that cannot be located for several days has occurred.

3, indoors can not be located. Since the gps tracker device is a direct receiving signal from the satellite, the gps tracker device cannot be used indoors.

4, gps tracker device different instruments, the effect may be different.

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