The 8 Gps tracker device problem solution

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1. Why should the Gps tracker device be equipped with a SIM card with airtime?
The Gps tracker device needs to install a SIM card with airtime. All Gps tracker devices are located by satellite signals, and the vehicle data is transmitted to the check platform through the mobile phone flow SIM card.

2. What SIM card does the Gps tracker device support?
Gps tracker is fully compatible with 2/3/4G 11-bit, 13-digit GSM SIM card (mobile, Unicom card available, telecom card not available)

Gps tracker device
3. How much is your SIM card with airtime? How long can it be used?
(1) Our IoT card contains one year of traffic, 30M traffic per month, upload data every 10 seconds, and use about 22M in one month, so you don't have to worry about excessive traffic.
(2) The SIM card with airtime is 40RMB/piece, and the postage needs to be paid.
Note: If the locator has a monitoring function, you need to go to the GSM SIM card of the mobile Unicom phone that can make a text message. The telecom card cannot.

4. How to query the traffic of the SIM card ?
The telephone traffic SIM card can ask the local communication service center or consult the company sales person who purchased the traffic SIM card.

Gps tracker device

5. How to renew after one year??
If you have a one-year follow-up fee, you can contact the local communication service center for recharge. The recharge is 30RMB/year. For example, from the recharge in May this year, it will continue to renew by the end of April next year.

6. Where is the traffic SIM card number?
The 13-digit number at the bottom of the traffic SIM card that starts with 10 is the card number. It is recommended that you write down the flow card number and note it in the platform. Fill in the traffic SIM number in the device information-device phone. (so that you can check the balance or recharge later)

7. What is the platform?
You can query the various GPS location alarm information uploaded by Gps tracker device on this platform, including mobile APP and PC Gps tracking platform.

8. What does it mean to use the platform for free for life?
This is the free use of this query platform for life.

Gps tracker device


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