Vehicle gps tracker india market Analysis

152 Published by admin 4月 27,2019

India is the most populous country, and motorcycle usage is also very high. Car rental is also very common and extensive. vehicle gps tracker india have been very popular in India. With the improvement of people's living standards, cars are used more and more people, and the price of vehicle gps tracker is becoming more and more cheaper. What is the Indian market in this mature vehicle gps tracker india industry?

We combine all the data to illustrate vehicle gps tracker india online market condition,First analyze the data analysis report of India imported vehicle gps tracker india.

Analysis of imports of vehicle gps tracker online india

Vehicle gps tracker india



India imported vehicle gps tracker india worth USD 2888858 with total quantity of 101865.china is the largest supplier of vehicle gps tracker accounting for imports worth USD 2236756 followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan which exported vehicle gps tracker india worth USD 214764 and USD 182438 respectively

Delhi Air Cargo accounted for 45.5% of imports followed by Bombay Air Cargo and Banglore Air Cargo which account for 16.5% and 12.1% of imports respectively.

Vehicle gps tracker india

Vehicle gps tracker india


Average price of vehicle gps tracker india per unit is USD 28.36 and average value per shipment is 4823.

Vehicle gps tracker  india  online Selling Price Indiamart

Vehicle gps tracker india

Vehicle gps tracker india


Our company's Vehicle gps tracker product usage in India (GPS platform information)

At present, our TR05 and TR08 vehicle gps tracker india are hot selling in India. Many of our Indian customers, including distributor wholesalers, are also increasing the order volume of our two private models vehicle gps tracker. For the accuracy of the vehicle gps tracker , our company's technicians constantly upgrade to achieve the world's best vehicle gps tracker, stable and accurate

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