Select GPS tracker merchants to pay attention to these issues

149 Published by admin 6月 18,2019

The application of GPS in life has become very common. People's living standards are constantly improving. Various anti-theft and protection awareness is becoming stronger. For example, if you purchase a car, in order to protect the safety of the car, a GPS tracker will be installed in the car; Equipped with a GPS tracker to protect the safety of children; fear of losing the elderly will also be equipped with a GPS tracker. And from the top of the network to search the GPS tracker, there will be a variety of information, how to buy GPS tracker, you can go to other articles to see, this mainly introduces the purchase of GPS tracker, need to avoid some things.


1, GPS tracker no SIM card free flow fee for lifetime.


First of all, the GPS tracker without the SIM card does not exist. We can look at the principle of GPS: GPS tracker to obtain satellite signals -> send to the server through the network -> the server calculates the latitude and longitude and resolves the specific location -> displayed through the PC or APP.


As can be seen from the principle, the main purpose of the GPS tracker is to obtain satellite signals and send them to the server, and the information is sent to the network, that is, the network that needs the SIM card to send. So the GPS tracker without a SIM card does not exist.

GPS tracker merchants

In fact, these are GPS tracker merchants activities for promotion, do you think the GPS tracker traffic is really free? Those who have bought the GPS tracker know that if you buy the SIM card together when you buy the GPS tracker, the SIM card can usually be used for free for one year, and the fee will be paid from the second year. Some GPS tracker Merchants will seize this point, put the SIM card in the GPS tracker, let you buy the tracker and also buy the SIM card, the first year of course is not to charge you any traffic charges, but the second year, The SIM card traffic is exhausted, the transaction rights protection time has passed, and the return cannot be retired. Even the GPS tracker merchants can't find it.


The built-in SIM card has a drawback, that is, the SIM card cannot be replaced, and the gps tracker no monthly fee is about to be reimbursed when the SIM is damaged.


2, using base station positioning to impersonate GPS positioning.


The price of GPS trackers on the market varies greatly, with dozens of dollars and hundreds of pieces. Why is it so different?


First of all, in terms of quality, manufacturer, after-sales and other factors, it is very likely that you bought a fake GPS tracker. Many unscrupulous GPS tracker merchants will use the base station-positioned locator as a GPS tracker to fool people who don't know about the GPS tracker.


So what is the difference between the two?


The base station tracker is also called LBS positioning. The base station positioning is to determine the location by using the measured distance of the base station to the device. The positioning accuracy is also 50-2000 meters, depending on the coverage density of the base station near the location. If there are many base stations, the positioning is accurate. If there are few base stations in the mountainous area, the positioning is not so accurate.

GPS tracker merchants

GPS positioning is a global positioning system (GPS), which is a satellite navigation and positioning system developed by the United States. Positioning accuracy can reach 5-15 meters.


The modules used for GPS positioning are much cheaper than the modules used for base station positioning. So it will lead to a big difference in prices.


From the above two introductions, as long as the positioning error range is too large, it can be suspected that the base station positioning is adopted.


3, the platform is free for life


The platform is free for life, and this appears on the promotional selling points of many GPS tracker merchants. The most important thing is whether the platform is the operator or the manufacturer. If it is an operator, then I believe that the products sold by the operators can still be free of charge for life.


However, if the platform belongs to the manufacturer and the operator is only responsible for selling this piece, then be careful. The cost of using the GPS platform is ultimately handed over to the manufacturer, and the operator only charges the service item. The GPS manufacturer charges the operator platform service fee on an annual basis. However, after replacing the operator, the manufacturer does not recognize the lifetime free of charge, because the operator does not pay the lifetime cost of the manufacturer once, and the life of each GPS is different. Manufacturers can't guarantee how many years your machine can be used. How to charge this lifetime fee.


So how to distinguish whether the operator and the manufacturer are integrated, this can be identified from their official website, you can search information on Google.

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