12 kinds malfunction cause of gps tracking device

248 Published by admin 6月 27,2018

  1. Gps tracking device is not online:
  2. Check if the light of the device is normal
  3. Please dial the device card number. The device normally prompts (beep) and hangs up.
  4. If not online , the device does not recognize the card (or Query equipment card number is overdue bills)
  5. Wipe the card slot and the SIM card metal plate
  6. Check whether the device IP is correct
  7. Check whether the IMEI of the device is consistent with the built-in IMEI of the device.
  8. Check the device status

Two. Platform trajectory into a straight line

  1. Please check if the external power connection is normal
  2. Check whether the device is in the signal blind area

    3 device card GPRS traffic Whether or not normal

Three. Still stationary or incorrect position

  1. The equipment will be subjected to positioning test after leaving the factory. The newly-started equipment will be positioned near the production plant once. (The first positioning time may be longer. Please wait patiently.)
  2. The equipment must be in the absence of obstructions outdoor location,We can query location.

12 kinds malfunction cause of gps tracking device

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