GPS tracking device tracker constituent elements

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GPS  tracking device tracker constituent elements

gps tracking device tracker

GPS tracking device trackeris also known as the car positioning tracker, mainly anti-theft GPS positioning products. The functions of the car location tracker generally include SMS location, timing location, network query, remote monitoring and remote locking, etc.

The world's smallest gps tracking device tracker, volume only matchbox size, avoid the car down the line, just pick up the car battery plus or minus two wires, can locate, reserved for real-time vehicle tracking vehicles in the three months to the route, the vehicle automatic real-time positioning, it can locate interval timing track record car conform, no need professional technicians to install, fool. If the target  gps tracking device tracker is stolen, stolen, robbed and other emergencies, you can use a mobile phone or computer, query the location of the vehicle, and real-time tracking location of the vehicle moving route, so that you can easily find your car.

gps tracking device trackergps tracking device tracker

GPS tracking device tracker composition

  • GPS signal receiving part
  • Common receiver chip
  • GPS terminal

The monitoring center

The monitoring center is a remote visual command and monitoring management platform. It monitors all on-site gps tracking device tracker. The electronic map of the monitoring center can show the intuitive position of the vehicles and set up the monitoring of the vehicle through wireless network

GPS tracking device tracker function

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Memory playback
  • GPS tracking device tracker positioning
  • Cut off oil and power, restore oil and power
  • Remove robbery police
  • ACC detection
  • Track playback
  • Vibration alarm

The SMS center

Function description: it can send and receive SMS messages for the mobile phone number filled in during the registration of the terminal in the platform

  • send text messages
  • receive SMS messages
  • check gps tracking device tracker the inbox
  • Check the sent messages


The main purpose of the gps tracking device tracker is to provide enterprises and institutions with mobile terminal positioning service management service platform. It is suitable for children and old people's whereabouts control, highway patrol inspection, valuable goods tracking, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, personal property tracking, freight industry, auto theft prevention, bank note truck, military and police exercise control, inspection and tracking, business vehicle management positioning

  • It can increase the effective working time
  • It can make work report more practical
  • It can make personnel assessment more scientific
  • It can make cost management more effective
  • It makes gps tracking device tracker decisions more scientific

gps tracking device tracker

Platform benefit

  1. Cost saving: put an end to the huge waste caused by drivers' indiscriminate reimbursement of fuel costs and private use of buses
  2. Improve customer satisfaction: you can check the real location of the goods and know the exact time of arrival
  3. Improve the regulation efficiency and use efficiency of gps tracking device tracker
  4. Security guarantee: effectively avoid the theft and hijacking of drivers or vehicles or goods by outsiders

The gps tracking device tracker monitoring framework consists of GPS terminals, transmission network and monitoring center to form a three-layer internet-connected integrated supervision system, which provides vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring, real-time wireless transmission of video images inside and outside the vehicle, quick response to accidents, call command and other functions to solve the dynamic management problems of gps tracking device tracker.


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