Vehicle gps tracking devices Offline reason

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1.vehicle gps tracking devices are not online?

(1) Observe the indicator light of the device. The blue GSM signal light flashes for 3 seconds to indicate that the server is connected normally. If the light is always on, the SIM card is loose or the contact is bad. At this time, the SIM card can be shut down and reinstalled.

(2) If the SIM card in the device has a call function, please dial the SIM card number. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle gps tracking devices will automatically hang up; if prompted to shut down or temporarily unable to connect, you can shut down and reload the flow card.

(3) If the blue GSM signal and the call function are normal, the vehicle gps tracking devices are still not online, please contact the technician for assistance or repair.


2.vehicle gps tracking devices can't be located after going online?

(1) Observe the indicator light after the device is powered on. The green GPS signal light flashes for 3 seconds to indicate that the positioning is successful. If the light is always on, indicating that the device is not positioned, please confirm whether the GPS ceramic surface is facing up and confirm whether there is metal around the device.

(2) If the vehicle gps tracking devices installation method and location are correct, please try to restart the device, and put the device in an open space, use the device's internal battery to see if the vehicle gps tracking devices can be successfully located.

(3) If the vehicle gps tracking devices are still unable to locate in the outdoor open space, please contact the technician for assistance or repair.

Vehicle gps tracking devices

3.vehicle gps tracking devices are offline during use?

(1) First check if the indicator light of the device flashes normally. The GSM blue light flashes once for 3 seconds, and the GPS green light flashes slowly.

(2) If the indicator of the vehicle gps tracking devices is on and has not been online, check whether the SIM card is in arrears;

(3) If the above is correct, but the vehicle gps tracking devices are still offline, you can send a command to the device on the platform to restart the vehicle gps tracking devices.

(4) If you still can't go online after restarting the vehicle gps tracking devices, please contact the technician for assistance or repair.


4.Why does the vehicle gps tracking device drift when it is still?

(1) Please confirm that the equipment is not covered by metal objects in the outdoor open area or the installation position of the GPS antenna.

(2) Vehicle gps tracking devices have three modes: Beidou positioning, GPS positioning and base station positioning (LBS). In the case of normal outdoor signal, Beidou and GPS double star positioning, the accuracy is in the range of 5 meters. In indoors such as basement or parking lot, the equipment will be automatically converted to base station positioning. The accuracy of base station positioning varies from 50 meters to several hundred meters depending on the density of the base station in the environment. This leads to the location of the positioning. Drift occurred, but because the vehicle gps tracking devices are Beidou+GPS positioning under normal driving conditions, the error range is small, so there is not much impact on the use of vehicle gps tracking devices.


5.Is the purchased SIM card not owed at the agreed time?

(1) The monthly flow card of the company only provides data traffic. If you need to use SMS and call function, please purchase the card yourself;

(2) All the settings and functions of this product can be operated by mobile APP, WEB, etc. It is recommended to purchase first.

Vehicle gps tracking devices


6.When logging in to the system, there is no such IMEI or user account. Is the login unsuccessful?

This IMEI or user account does not exist in the system. Please contact the vehicle gps tracking devices company for sales.


7.Can vehicle gps tracking devices be used abroad?

Yes, support for global.


8.I forgot my login password. What should I do?

Send your device IMEI number to our relevant personnel, the engineer can reset the password in the background.


9.Can you see all the customer's vehicle information in the background?

There must be data in Our vehicle gps tracking devices platform , and the gps platform needs to be maintained. And our platform has hundreds of thousands of devices that cannot be checked one by one, you can use it with confidence.


10.vehicle gps tracking devices alarm, Why doesn't my phone receive alarm push alerts, need to open the app?

This requires you to open the notification center in the platform of the phone to allow information notification of the platform. In this way, you can receive the alarm information of the vehicle in real time.


11.Why is my vehicle gps tracking device always prompting a power failure alarm?

The initial judgment may be that your vehicle gps tracking devices is not connected to your car. The suggestion is that you see if the connector of the vehicle gps tracking devices is loose. If this is the case, you need to reconnect it.

(If the customer has already reconnected) It may be that your car battery is dead. It is recommended that you check if your car's battery power is too low.


12.What is the remote power cutoff? How to set up? (Selected Matching relay)

Connect the relay to the vehicle gps tracking devices and the car oil circuit. When the vehicle is stolen, you can select the management-switch-set remote cut/recovery oil circuit on the APP to cut off the oil path of the stolen vehicle. The purpose of the vehicle. (Note: The oil cut command is to execute the fuel cut command when the car is parked or when the vehicle speed is less than 15 km/h at start-up)


13.Why can't I see the location information I am in? (No satellite image is visible on the phone)

(After the query, the mobile phone shows that there is no satellite map in this area.) Now help you check is the vehicle in this area satellite has not yet been covered, So we haven't been able to locate it yet.

(When is your map updated?) Our map syncs with Google maps, you can check it in real time.




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