What are the common problems with GPS tracking module?

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First, let's take a brief look at what the definition of the GPS tracking module is: the GPS tracking module is a signal receiver, which can be connected to a computer or mobile phone by wireless Bluetooth or wired, and transmits the signal it receives to the computer or mobile phone. The GPS software is processed. The GPS positioning we often say is called the user part. It receives and demodulates the satellite's broadcast C/A code signal like the "radio" with a frequency of 1575.42MHz. GPS does not broadcast signals and is passively positioned.

GPS tracking module

1. What is the meaning of the 16 channels of the GPS tracking module?

The GPS tracking module (what is GPS) has a parameter of the number of channels. For example, the latest type is 16 channels. It means that the module can establish communication with 16 satellites at the same time. The module only receives more than 3 satellite signals at the same time. After the complex operation, the correct positioning data can be obtained. If the number of satellites communicating at the same time is more, the module can obtain the positioning data more quickly and accurately, and it is possible to simultaneously simultaneously with the surface of the earth only under the condition that the geographical conditions are particularly ideal. Satellite communication, in general urban environment, can usually communicate with 4-8 satellites at the same time.

2. Why does the GPS tracking module get the positioning data after a long time?

The GPS tracking module has two parameters: cold boot and hot boot. If the GPS tracking module is powered on for the first time, or if the power is turned on after more than 1000 km, the module needs to recalculate the ephemeris data. It usually takes 1 to 5 minutes, then the ephemeris. The data is stored inside the module, and the data is saved by the lithium battery inside the module. This is called cold boot and takes a long time. If the next time you turn it on, because the lithium battery has saved valid ephemeris data, it can be quickly located, usually within 30 seconds, so it is called hot boot. If the module is powered off for more than 10 hours, the lithium battery discharges, then Booting is also equivalent to a cold boot.

GPS tracking module

3. What should I do if I cannot boot up for a long time?

Only in rare cases, it will take more than 15 minutes to boot coldly. In this case, you only need to power off the GPS tracking module or turn the GPS back. There is also a case where the protection tube is clamped or damaged. In an emergency, the protection diode can be removed first for communication operation, and then specific experiments will be carried out later.

The GPS tracking module is often used as a time reference in practical applications, supplemented by the RTC inside the module, which can obtain a very high-precision time reference, which provides great convenience for product design. As for GPS speed measurement, it is only an extended application based on obtaining latitude and longitude for simple calculation.

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