Introduction GPS tracking monitoring alarm function

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Regarding the function of the GPS tracking, many customers don't know much about it after purchasing it. They will ask about the setting of the related functions of the GPS tracking alarm or the precautions for use. Therefore, geat-will GPS tracking manufacturers organize a guide to use the alarm function. I hope I can bring you some help and share the following:

GPS tracking Vibration alarm
Alarm condition:

When the device has activated the vibration alarm mode (default is enabled), after the device enters the armed mode (if the vehicle is turned off, if the vehicle does not ignite for 1 minute, the terminal automatically enters the armed state), the device detects the vehicle vibration, triggers the vibration alarm and Send an alarm signal to the GPS tracking monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

If the vehicle is triggered by the customer when using the alarm, it may be ignored. If the customer triggers the alarm after leaving the vehicle, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle has not been moved. The remote location can use the real-time monitoring of the vehicle to check the safety of the vehicle.

2. Power failure alarm

Alarm condition:

When the device is in normal use, when the device turns on the power failure alarm mode (default is enabled), if the GPS tracking device detects that the main power is disconnected, it will immediately trigger a power failure alarm and send an alarm signal to the GPS tracking monitoring background.

GPS tracking monitoring alarm

Corresponding measures:

Check to see if the equipment is an alarm that occurs when disassembling, if you do not care. If the alarm is triggered by the customer under normal use, please handle it carefully. There are 2 possibilities. (1). The customer found the GPS and removed the GPS. (2) The main power supply is not strong enough during installation. Call the customer to see if the customer can contact us, test the customer's tone, and see if the customer can come back and check the car. If the customer comes back, if the equipment has not been moved, please ask the installer to re-detect the circuit. If there is any trace of removal, change the position and install it, and re-evaluate the customer's credit, and give the customer a warning. If the customer can't come back, check if the GPS background device is offline, arrange the personnel to rush to the car to locate the location, if you find the car, track the situation and find the opportunity to detect the GPS. If it is offline, the car is not in the location, use the historical playback track to check the car, and cooperate with the wind controller to find the car. If the problem is required, the customer needs to carry out the trailer to prevent mortgage.

3. Low power alarm

Alarm condition:

The alarm is a unique alarm of the wireless GPS tracking device. When the power of the device is less than 10%, the low-power alarm is triggered, and the GPS tracking device will send a signal alarm to the GPS tracking monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

(1) Wireless real-time location charging device, the information that receives the low-power reminder needs to contact the customer to return to the charging process in time.

(2) Wireless three-year positioning and charging-free equipment, the information that receives the low-power reminder needs to contact the customer in time to change the equipment (the replaced equipment is waiting for the battery).

Note: After the wireless three-year positioning device is turned on for real-time positioning, the battery is used faster. It is necessary to turn off the real-time positioning and restore the positioning once a day in time to avoid the use of power, and the customer can find the car without a mistake.

4.SOS for help

Alarm condition:

The alarm is directed to the positioning terminal with the SOS button, and the alarm needs to press the button to trigger the SOS help alarm, thereby sending an alarm signal to the GPS tracking monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

The wired device installs the SOS button for individual users and car rental users. When the platform monitor sees the alarm, please contact the person using the vehicle. Car loan users wired devices do not have to install SOS for help to prevent customers from discovering devices. The SOS button and the machine of the wireless real-time monitoring device are integrated. If it is found that the alarm proves that someone has taken out the device and pressed the button, please pay attention to the customer. If the car loan user or the car rental customer contacts the owner to return to reinstall the device and re-evaluate the credit of the user.

5. Overspeed alarm

Alarm condition:

Under the normal use of the positioning terminal, when the speed of the vehicle exceeds the overspeed speed value set by the platform (default 120 mA), the overspeed alarm is triggered, and the device will send an alarm signal to the GPS tracking monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

The overspeed alarm is a safety problem for the customer to drive. In general, the driver may not need to deal with it. If necessary, the customer may be prompted to drive safely.

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