What are the powerful functions of gps vehicle monitoring system

197 Published by admin 10月 15,2019

Usually, vehicles that need to use the gps vehicle monitoring system are car-based companies, such as bus companies, taxi companies, logistics companies, car loan companies, and so on. To be more precise, all companies with cars gps vehicle monitoring system, because every car is facing the risk of being stolen. Compared with the value of the vehicle, the price of the GPS device is simply a slap in the face. However, the risk of theft of the vehicle is greatly avoided, so the positioner is worth buying.

Gps vehicle monitoring systems and functions are constantly being developed. In the future, more and more comprehensive functions will be introduced in conjunction with big data and cloud computing to help customers reduce the risk of lost cars and the risk of vehicle escape.

gps vehicle monitoring system

The function and type of gps vehicle monitoring system are:


  1. Vehicle abnormal condition warning, once the vehicle exceeds the normal driving range, or prompts an alarm, let the customer pay attention to the abnormal situation in time to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.


  1. Position the vehicle in real time, and position the vehicle once every 10s to accurately grasp the position of the vehicle.


  1. Financial risk management and control. According to the information collected by 4, analyze the behavior of the owner, set up electronic fences, administrative areas, risk points, two-points, etc. Once the vehicle leaves the normal driving range, immediately pay attention to prevent the vehicle from escaping the controllable range and reduce the fraud. Loan rate, bad loan rate.


  1. Vehicle tracking and monitoring, tracking vehicle position 24 hours, monitoring vehicle driving situation anytime and anywhere.


  1. Vehicle track playback, driving data statistics, behavior data analysis, etc., all of which refer to providing data collected according to the driving habits and history of the vehicle, thereby obtaining some information of the owner.

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