Suitable location for GPS vehicle positioning system installation

27 Published by admin 7月 25,2019

At present, there are two main types of GPS vehicle positioning systems available on the market. One is a self-contained battery, which does not require external power supply, and the other is a self-contained backup battery. It mainly relies on the vehicle power supply.

GPS vehicle positioning system

The benefits of the self-contained battery are self-evident, that is, no wiring is required, can be placed anywhere in the car, and can be used for personal or valuable positioning. The disadvantage is that there is no continuous power supply, so the standby time is passed. It needs to be recharged for continued use, and because it needs to be recharged, it is inconvenient to be placed in a more complicated place inside the vehicle, so that each disassembly and assembly is very time-consuming and laborious.


The wiring type needs to be connected to the vehicle's power supply line, so the person who steals the vehicle can find the GPS vehicle positioning system along the power supply line and remove it. If other features are also installed, it is basically possible to determine where the positioner is installed. Of course, there is no need to worry that the GPS vehicle positioning system will not function properly. If the vibration alarm function is installed, the car thief will not start the vehicle through the car key within a certain period of time after opening the door or suddenly power off. The GPS vehicle positioning system will send a vibration alarm to the owner through SMS and call to achieve the real-time anti-theft effect. . Because it is through SMS and telephone calls, even if the owner is far away from the distance, he can know that someone is stealing the car, and can make relevant measures such as alarm or remote power cut to stop the car. behavior.

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