Gps vehicle tracking device applications and functions

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Gps vehicle tracking device is a terminal with a built-in GPS module and a mobile communication module. It is used to transfer positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through a mobile communication module (gsm/gprs network) so that it can be implemented on a computer. Query the terminal location.

Gps vehicle tracking device product principle

GPS's spatial distribution is composed of 24 GPS working satellites. These GPS working satellites together constitute a GPS satellite constellation, of which 21 are satellites that can be used for navigation and 3 are active spare satellites. The 24 satellites are distributed around six orbits with an inclination of 55° orbiting the Earth. The operating period of the satellite is about 12 stars. Each GPS working satellite emits a signal for navigation and positioning. GPS users use these signals to work.

Gps vehicle tracking device installed in the car is basically divided into two types, magnetic and wire, magnetic is basically a built-in battery and a strong magnet, the advantage is easy to install, by magnet adsorption in the body shell anywhere, the disadvantage is the battery The use of limitations, there will always be no electricity. The other is the line connection, which is directly connected to the power line in the car.

How the GPS system is composed
The GPS system consists of three parts: the space part - GPS satellite constellation; the ground control part - ground monitoring system; and the user equipment part - GPS signal receiver.

1, GPS module
The GPS module is responsible for receiving GPS satellite signals to locate and update the position. The function of the mobile communication module is to transmit the positioning data to a specific server on the Internet through the network (GSM/GPRS) so that the GPS tracking can be performed on the computer. The location of the terminal.

Gps vehicle tracking device uses: trucks, fleet management, car theft, bicycle theft, electric car theft, motorcycle theft, bank transport car, military police maneuver control, inspection tracking, official car management.

Gps vehicle tracking device basic functions:
1) Positioning function: Immediate positioning and timing positioning.
2) Two-way call: The authorization number corresponding to the key can be set separately. When the key is pressed, the authorized number can be dialed and the call can be answered.
3) Alarm function: emergency alarm, displacement alarm, speeding alarm, cross-area alarm, low-power alarm, burglar alarm.
4) Electronic fence: The central management personnel can set the terminal's driving area. When the terminal exceeds the preset limited area, it will automatically send alarm information to the monitoring platform and send a short message to the supervising mobile phone for a remote area alarm.
5) Remote monitoring: You can set the monitoring number. When the number dials the terminal, the terminal will automatically answer it, which will play a monitoring role.
6) Automatic sleep: built-in vibration sensor, if there is no vibration within the specified time, it will automatically enter the sleep state.

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